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10 tips for newcomers to Daily Fantasy Football

The lesson “DFF Beginners’ Camp: 10 tips for newcomers to Daily Fantasy Football” covers the basic rules and strategies for Daily Fantasy Football

10 tips for newcomers to Daily Fantasy Football

1. Bankroll management

Your bankroll is the money which you have available for Daily Fantasy Football. The biggest mistake beginners make is to play in tournaments which are too expensive and thereby put all their money at risk. You will learn how to manage your stakes properly in our article.

2. Play freerolls

In this way, you can play Daily Fantasy Football without risking your bankroll. Use the new-player offers from our partners to get free tickets or bonuses.

3. Follow the sports news

Knowledge is power and often money. Therefore you should always keep up to date with what is going on in the world of sport and in your leagues. More information always mean wiser decisions.

Does a team have an important game in the Champions League with the result that they are only fielding their B-team in the league? Is an injured player training again with the team and has the coach not ruled him out of the squad? Knowing all this will help you pick a better team and play more successfully.

 4. Assess the game day

To succeed at daily fantasy football, you need to be able to assess game days well. You can get help from the internet in the shape of betting odds and our match day preliminary discussions, where you will find everything worth knowing about the best players.

5. Discuss with friends

Modern football in the big leagues is a major social event. Just think how many people head to the stadiums every weekend. Likewise, in Daily Fantasy Football, communities form around the game and there is an active exchange of ideas on possible strategies, line-ups and insider tips. Get involved and improve your strategies through discussions with other people in our forums.

6. Clean sheet odds

Clean sheet odds refer to the probability that a specific team will end a match without conceding any goals. You should always select your defense from the teams which have the best chance of achieving this. This will allow you to get important bonus points for your goalkeeper and your defense, these can make the difference between victory and defeat in tournaments.

7. Check line-ups

Being left on the bench instead of playing is a bitter pill for any footballer to swallow. For the ambitious Fantasy Football manager it’s also an annoyance if his players don’t form part of the team, therefore always be ready to double-check whether your choice will actually play. The official line-ups will be available an hour before the game so you still have time to correct unexpected drop-outs.

8. Each tournament format requires its own formation

In Daily Fantasy Football, there are different types of tournament and these differ in the number of participants and the payout structure. In a heads-up or three-man tournament, for example, you are competing against only one or two opponents. This requires a different approach than a big tournament with 1,000 participants. Double or Nothing tournaments, also called 50:50 tournaments, are a special form of game, since the top 50% of participants double their prize money regardless of their position, while the other half gets nothing.

9. Look for bargains

All participants have a limited budget with which to set up their team. As so often happens to those on a budget, there is sometimes not enough money left at the end. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on players who are priced very cheaply. This is often the case with players who are returning from injury or substitutes who are moved unexpectedly into the team. You can make tidy savings here and have more money for the rest of your team.

In our match day preliminary reports we’ll keep you regularly updated about bargains and budget choices.

10. Avoid contradictions in your team

Try to create consistent line-ups in which all parts of your team are in harmony. So it makes sense, for example, to avoid drawing the offensive players from one specific team and the defense from their direct opponents. In this way, you automatically limit your maximum achievable score. Either the attacker scores goals and points, with the result that your defense suffers, or the reverse occurs. So always think about achieving harmony in your team.

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