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11 things you need to know about the 2018/2019 Premier League

England is the home of football. But what do you know about the Premier League? When was it founded? How will Brexit affect the foremost English league? The answers to these and other questions are among the 11 things you need to know about the 2018/2019 Premier League.

11 things you need to know about the 2018/2019 Premier League

# 1 Founding of the Premier League

Let’s start with some big ones! Many people will probably think that the foremost league in English football must certainly be one of the oldest in the world.
Nope. The current Premier League was founded in 1992 when it was known as the FA Premier League and took over the position of England’s top league from the Football League First Division which had been around since 1888.

The reason for this drastic rebranding was the difficult situation in the 1980s, which is considered the historic low point of English football:

  • economic and sporting difficulties
  • stadiums in disrepair
  • problems with hooligans

Putting all of this together, it’s hardly a surprise that in each and every way, the foremost League in English football fell far short of the attendance figures and economic strength of other European elite Leagues such as the Serie A and ones such as the Primera Division in Spain. The best players in England therefore, understandably, left the domestic league and joined foreign clubs.

This downtrend slide was halted when England made the semi-finals at the 1990 World Cup in Italy. The safety of the stadiums was improved, audiences flocked back to the stands, and UEFA lifted the ban on English clubs playing internationally. All this led to the founding of the Premier League in 1992.

#2 Previous winners of the Premier League

Here is the overview of all the clubs which have ever won the Premier League.

2017/18Manchester City
2015/16Leicester City
2013/14Manchester City
2012/13Manchester United
2011/12Manchester City
2010/11Manchester United
2008/09Manchester United
2007/08Manchester United
2006/07Manchester United
2002/03Manchester United
2000/01Manchester United
1999/00Manchester United
1998/99Manchester United
1996/97Manchester United
1995/96Manchester United
1994/95Blackburn Rovers
1993/94Manchester United
1992/93Manchester United
Alle InfosPremier League

The official page of the Premier League has a History tab which is a treasure trove of information for fantasy managers who like to dig into old statistics!

Discover the origins and history of the top tier of English football

#3 2018/2019 Premier League: 20 teams will compete for the title

Since the founding of the EPL, it has been the custom for 20 teams to compete for the championship, this is more than in many European leagues, for example there are 18 teams in the Bundesliga. The following teams are in the starting blocks for this season.

FC ArsenalHolloway, LondonEmirates Stadium60.260
AFC BournemouthBournemouthVitality Stadium11.464
Brighton & Hove AlbionBrightonFalmer Stadium30.750
FC BurnleyBurnleyTurf Moor22.546
Cardiff CityCardiff, WalesCardiff City Stadium33.280
FC ChelseaFulham, LondonStamford Bridge41.629
Crystal PalaceSelhurst, LondonSelhurst Park25.073
FC EvertonLiverpoolGoodison Park39.571
FC FulhamFulham, LondonCraven Cottage25.700
Huddersfield TownHuddersfieldJohn Smith’s Stadium24.500
Leicester CityLeicesterKing Power Stadium32.312
FC LiverpoolLiverpoolAnfield54.074
Manchester CityManchesterEtihad Stadium55.097
Manchester UnitedTrafford, Greater ManchesterOld Trafford75.653
Newcastle UnitedNewcastle upon TyneSt. James’ Park52.338
FC SouthamptonSouthamptonSt. Mary’s Stadium32.505
Tottenham HotspurTottenham, LondonTottenham Hotspur Stadium62.062
FC WatfordWatfordVicarage Road21.438
West Ham UnitedStratford, LondonLondon Stadium60.000
Wolverhampton WanderersWolverhamptonMolineux Stadium31.700
All Information: Wikipedia

# 4 Where do the teams in the 2018/2019 Premier League come from

This picture shows the geographical location of all teams playing this season

11 Dinge, die du über die Premier League 20182019 wissen solltest Team Map
Image: Wikipedia

London is the capital of English football and there are 8 teams from Greater London

11 Dinge, die du über die Premier League 20182019 wissen solltest, London Teams
Image: Wikipedia

# 5 Who qualifies for the international places?

  • The top four play the Champions League
  • #5 plays the Europa League qualifiers
  • If one of the top four wins the Champions League or the Europa League then, in theory, even the team lying 7th in the table could play in Europe.

The top four teams in the Premier League qualify directly for the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. The team which finishes fifth is eligible to participate in the final qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League, the so-called play-off round and the sixth and seventh-ranked clubs may also participate in the competition if the stars align in a certain way at the end of the domestic competition.

# 6 The economics of the Premier League

Ever since the Premier League was founded, (private) television has played a crucial role in its development. Increasing revenues from TV broadcasting rights have steadily led to a rise in the EPL’s playing standards. Since last year’s ludicrous media deal, the Premier League has been drunk on money, driving prices on the transfer market to unprecedented heights.

The Premier League markets its TV rights on a collective basis, which is a major difference from other European leagues (such as Italy, Spain) in which the clubs do their own marketing. This leads to a more equitable system which is not just of benefit to the top clubs.

#7 Fantasy Premier League

The Fantasy Premier League is the largest fantasy football online management game in the world with over 5 million players! It is free to register and play and there are great prizes to be won. The functionality is simple: The Fantasy Premier League is a so-called Seasonal Game, which is played over a whole season.

Seasonal Fantasy vs. Daily Fantasy Football

Each participant can set up just one team, but you can enter this team into different fantasy leagues against different groups of people, e.g. against your football buddies or even your work colleagues. There are public and private tournaments. All information about the game play can be found in the Help Section of the Fantasy Premier League.

There are two versions of the FPL: the Fantasy Premier League and the Fantasy Premier League Draft. The main difference between the two manager games is that in the draft version each player is available only ONCE. So if somebody has already grabbed Harry Kane, then you lose the chance to nominate him! In the normal version, each player can be chosen by all participants.

In the Scout Section there are always current tips and strategies for your line-ups! If you are new to fantasy football, I recommend that you start off by reading this guide Learn Fantasy Football – the Right Way and then have a look at the guide to the new features of the FPL: FPL Draft: How to do player trading.

# 8 The most popular Daily Fantasy Football League in the world

The FPL Manager Game is the most popular seasonal football online manager in the world, as discussed above. But daily fantasy fans also love the Premier League.
The highest numbers of participants and best prize money have traditionally been found in tournaments based on the foremost English league.
That’s why many fantasy managers love them, especially, of course, the British who have great culture of betting and will bet on anything that moves and a lot that doesn’t.

Daily Fantasy Football Made Easy

In order to get daily fantasy managers off to the best, possible start when ti comes to choosing a line-up, 11Heroes keeps you up to date through Matchday previews, analysis, setup and insider tips for the Premier League

# 9 The Premier League Stats Center ideal for fantasy managers

Did you know that out of all all Premier League teams, so far, it is Spurs who have conceded the most goals? Who was the player of the year, who was the top scorer? Who gave the most assists? Which player delivered the most passes? Which goalkeeper made the most saves? Which team has the most victories in Premier League history and which has the most clean sheets?

Data and facts for all conceivable statistics are available for free in the Stats Centre for the Premier League!

  • Player Stats: Find all player stats for all seasons of the Premier League
  • Club Stats: Find all club stats from all seasons of the Premier League. How many times were they offside? How many times did they hit the post or make saves on the line? There are almost no limits to this incredible database.
  • All-time Stats: Who has the most stakes in the Premier League? Who has the most assists and goals?
  • Records: All records in Premier League history!
  • Spieler Vergleich: Here, you can compare two players
  • Head-to-Head: Here you can compare two teams through an interactive menu!

It’s a treasure trove for fantasy managers, statistic friends and football fans – and speaking of treasure troves…

# 10 Treasure Trove: The Official Page of the Premier League

I have already mentioned the Stats Centre, but the official site of the Premier League offers a lot of fantastic features, which I often use myself, here’s a list of them.

# 11 How could Brexit affect the Premier League?

Brexit is a big issue right now, not only in the EU but also in the UK. How could Brexit affect the Premier League? The following graphic gives important information here!

In the following article you will receive a revealing analysis of the graphic: If England leaves the EU, it’s the end of the Premier League as we know it


These were the 11 things you need to know about the 2018/2019 Premier League. I hope you enjoyed it, feel free to leave your feedback and fun facts in the comments section.


Herbert is a doctor of philosophy, speaks 5 languages fluently and moved to Barcelona to be close to good football... Herbert was Head of Education at Pokerstrategy and responsible for ensuring that 8 million members successfully learned poker.
As a founding member of 11Heroes, Herbert plays a similar role as at Pokerstrategy.com. You can find him on Twitter as @DrFantasy11

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