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As part of our new website, we have also changed the structure of the learning material. This gives you even more direct access to the learning material you are looking for. Over the next few weeks, we shall be running a new series called “11Heroes explained” in which we’ll tell you about the features in our website.

The structure of the learning materials

Today, we are focusing on the structure of the learning material. Our old page had a very simple breakdown of articles, videos and podcasts. Now our content is more varied and you have many useful filters available to you so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

The Strategy Overview Menu


When looking for content, your starting point is the strategy menu. If you hover over “Strategy Overview”, you will see numerous filter options in the pop-up menu. Here is an overview of the individual categories.


Courses are learning paths which can cover all media. The aim of each course is to give you a guide so that you can easily find the best content on the relevant topic and study it in the correct order.

  • Beginners’ Training Camp: The 11Heroes training camp is ideal for anyone who wants to get started fantasy football. In our course, you will learn everything you need to know to set up good teams.
  • Tutorials: Sign-up, registration, line-up? No problem with our tutorials.


You will find all our learning content under Media. You can find out what is included in each category.

  • Articles: Our theory articles on each match day, analysis of odds and general concepts.
  • Line-ups: Our practical articles how to set up a team for fantasy football tournaments.
  • Videos: From previews to podcasts. Our videos.


Filter content so you go straight to your favourite league.

  • Premier League: Filter all content so you go straight to the English Premier League (EPL).
  • Champions League: Filter all content so you go straight to the Champions League (CL).
  • Bundesliga: Filter all content so you go straight to the Bundesliga.


Filter content so you go straight to your favourite platform.

  • FantasyBet: Find all the strategies and line-ups for our partner FantasyBet.
  • Fanteam: Find all the strategies and line-ups for our partner Fanteam.


Find all important information at a glance.

  • Premier League Team Analyses: We give you all the important information you need for your line up and free you from the hassle of doing a great deal of research work ahead of the game. This allows you to concentrate fully on the subtleties of the various line-ups and to have a solid database ready to hand.
  • Set-piece takers: In fantasy football, set pieces are often mean points for the players who take them. If you can’t choose between two players, you should always choose the set-piece taker, as he will potentially bring more points into your team.


The Strategy Overview

The strategy overview shares the same structure. If you click on “strategy overview”, you will come to the strategy overview page where you can find the categories listed above.


Your feedback

What do you think about the way our material is set out now? Are you able to find the content you want faster? We look forward to your feedback so we can continue to improve 11Heroes.

Are there any specific filters and categories you’d like to have? Then let us know in the comments. We are always interested in your suggestions, as we want to give you the best possible experience on our site.

Have fun!

Your 11Heroes team


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