Why Fantasy Football?

In America, fantasy sports are already a billion-dollar market, attracting millions of players daily to the virtual dugout. Their ground-breaking success shouldn’t really be a surprise. There is hardly an American who does not passionately follow one of the great sports.
Why does this country not have countless platforms offering fantasy sports for its sports-loving customers? Are we Europeans not just as passionate when it comes to our favourite team? Most certainly! This is also reflected in the market.

Seasonal fantasy football

Millions of players gamble regularly on so-called seasonal fantasy football. In this version of the game, the fantasy manager is given a fixed amount of start-up capital with which s/he can control the fate of their team for an entire season. Although seasonal fantasy football is a great game, there are two fundamental issues which we at 11Heroes find a bit frustrating. First of all, this version of the game takes a whole season. Missing just one game can end your chances of winning the season. It is therefore necessary to play actively throughout the entire year, to achieve something at the end. In addition, you can only play seasonal fantasy football for money after discussion with your fellow players. At the end of the season the result is generally just a limp handshake and the knowledge that a person understands more about football than their friends.

Daily fantasy football as a solution

Daily fantasy football offers absolutely everything ambitious fantasy managers can ask for. In this category you start each game day afresh and have possibility of shaping your team on a strictly defined budget. Each game day offers the same basic conditions for the players. If you don’t have enough time to set up a team, it’s no problem. There’s always the next game. The fact that new teams can be set up daily means greater fairness and more excitement, but sadly it does not, in itself, make for a better bank balance.
Unlike in seasonal fantasy football, you don’t have to agree with your friends beforehand whether you want to buy in and if so how much money you want to use. Similarly to poker, there are daily fantasy football tournaments, in which you can participate through a buy-in. If there is no guaranteed prize pool, the prize money is based on the buy-ins from all the players in the prize pool. So the more fantasy managers participate in a tournament, the bigger the winnings. The gigantic number of players on the American platforms means that it is hardly surprising that millions of dollars are won each week.

Our promise

Even the best game in the world is no fun if you do not know how to play it. Especially when money is in play, you quickly lose patience or get frustrated if it does not work as you expected. At 11Heroes we have therefore made it our primary goal to make you the absolute best fantasy manager you can be. To help you on your way to management success, we produce customized content for all skill levels. Whether you’re a novice, an intermediate player or an absolute professional, we have lessons to suit anyone who wants to become a more successful manager.