Daily vs Seasonal Fantasy Football Explained

Seasonal and Daily Fantasy football are the two most important types of fantasy football - but how do you know which is the right choice for you? Many fantasy managers play both seasonal as and daily fantasy...

5 Killer Tips for Big Fantasy Football Tournaments

In the 5 killer tips for big fantasy football tournaments, you will learn the basics of the game theory you need to be successful in big fantasy tournaments.

What everyone should know about overlays in fantasy tournaments

All ambitious fantasy managers ought to know about overlays. In this tutorial, you will learn what the term overlay means in the context of fantasy tournaments and what strategies you should use to increase...

Daily Fantasy Football Tutorial: What is Fantasy Football?

Daily fantasy football is a fantasy sports trend from the USA, which is now catching on in Europe.

How Fantasy Football Works

To create the optimal team, you have to use the given budget in the best possible way, avoiding unnecessary money. Who is the best player for your team? What formation is best for your team?

Offensive block formation in fantasy football advanced

In fantasy football there are very few ground rules, which must normally always be adhered to in good teams. One of them is the use of defensive blocks, which almost always holds good. One of the other ground...

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Game Theory

Our theoretical articles about game theory and general strategies for fantasy football tournaments.