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Cresswell and Coleman Are the Defensive Tips on Match Day 30

The 30th round of the English Premier League promises fantasy football managers on DraftKings some very interesting matches.

Daily Fantasy Football Line-Ups DraftKings Premier League Match Day 30 : In this article, we’ll show you a selection of the players with the highest expected for the match day on DraftKings. This match day squad makes it easier for you to research your line ups for the daily fantasy football tournaments.

The 30th round of the English Premier League promises fantasy football managers on DraftKings some very interesting matches. The games that start in the afternoon are rated as well balanced by the bookmakers.

Only the evening game between Chelsea and Crystal Palace, has a clear favourite (in the shape of the Blues). But since Chelsea will play in the Champions League next week, we expect a lot of significant rotations, which could make the match a lot more interesting.

Our Tips for DraftKings

We want to present the hottest players for the tournaments and would like to start with Antonio . In the last two games, he was only a substitute but he was able to score in both games, which makes it likely that he’ll start on this match day. His price is very reasonable, which will make him very interesting for fantasy football managers.

The man for Newcastle set pieces is new recruit Kenedy . There’s a bit of risk here, because if Richie starts it will be uncertain who will take the set pieces. However, opponents Southampton have not been at all convincing, which is why we see both players as a good option.

La Parra has shone on DraftKings in the last few days with a veritable flood of points and rewarded fantasy football managers who placed their trust in him.

In defence, we rely on the proven scorers Cresswell and Coleman . Both players have a very solid clean-sheet chance of 43% and 41%, respectively, and in addition they are involved in a lot of goals.

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Other interesting players for this match day

Tips: Players for Reg tournament on DraftKings

  • Hazard
  • Sigurdsson
  • Giroud
  • Willian
  • Arnautovic
  • Ki
  • Walcott
  • Mahrez
  • Vardy
  • Groß
  • A. Ayew
  • Redmond
  • Mawson
  • Zappacosta
  • Dawson
  • Betrand
  • Schmeichel
  • Courtois

Have fun with your line-up!

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