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My Dream Teams on FanTeam for Match Day 1

The first match day of the Premier League! The line-ups for FanTeam.

Fantasy Premier League Season Game Fanteam 100k GTD

The first match day of the brand new Premier League season is upon us. It is particularly difficult to anticipate the coaches’ line-ups on the first match day. That’s why you should focus on players who are (almost) guaranteed to play. This is especially true for the Double or Nothing tournaments where you want to keep your variance low. You can find all the odds for the match day here .

Daily Fantasy Football Line-ups FanTeam Premier League Match Day 1

The Line-up Explained

In our line-up for the tournaments on FanTeam we are betting on a 5 – 2 – 3.
In the defense we are playing a 2 + 2 + 2 split with Chelsea (48% CS odds), Bournemouth (40% CS odds) and Watford (38% CS odds). Bournemouth and Watford’s budget-priced defensive players can now afford Mo. Salah in midfield. He is the most expensive player in the tournament, but also the one with the best chance of scoring (about 64%) and consequently our captain.

Up front, we are betting on Tosun from Everton FC (42%), Austin from Southampton (51%) and King from Bournemouth (38.5%). Tosun’s chance of scoring is exceptionally good. Getting almost 42% chance of a goal for less than 8 million is a real bargain.

DoN 50:50

Double or Nothing is all about getting into the top 50% of the tournament. That’s why we’re aiming for a balanced mix of players. On the defensive, we are betting on Tom Heaten in goal. Heaton and Burnley have 25% clean-sheed odds and he’s a bargain at less than 5 million. The highlights of our defense are van Dijk from Liverpool (52% clean-sheet odds) and Marcos Alonso of Chelsea (48% clean-sheet odds). Alonso is also consistently impressive as one of the most prolific defenders in the Premier League and it’s hard to see him being left out from any good lineup.
They will be accompanied by Bertrand (Southampton, 45% CS odds), Francis (Bournemouth, 40% CS odds) and Baines (Everton FC) , 31% CS odds). If you’re raising your eyebrows at the fact that we’ve nominated two defensive players from competing teams (Burnley vs. Southampton), the reason is that we agree with the bookies that there are going to be few to no goals in this game.

In midfield, we are betting on Fraser from AFC Bournmouth, Sigurdsson from Everton and Mo. Salah from Liverpool. Salah has by far the best odds on a goal on this match day (about 64%) and, consequently, gets the captaincy. After his incredible season last year, hardly anyone will dare not to nominate the point guarantor anyway;) Sigurdsson takes the set pieces at Everton and is always good for a goal or two. In addition, the man from Iceland relieves our budget a little.

Up front, we are putting our trust in Zaha from Crystal Palace and Mitrovic from Premier League newcomer Fullham. Of course we would have liked to have had Harry Kane up front but that was not a feasible option. Again, we have two direct competitors. Unlike Burnley vs. Southampton, there are expected to be goals in this match and our line-up will earn points in most cases if the game does not end 0-0.


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I look forward to reading your comments in the Community Forum, the 11HeroesDE Twitter Channel and in our Discord Fantasy Football Community where you’ll also find the latest updates and tips for the fantasy tournaments on this match day.

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