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DraftKings – Team set-up and point system explained

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Today we would like to explain the scoring system used for daily fantasy football on our partner site Draftkings. There are some interesting differences when compared to our partners FantasyBet and FanTeam.

The Team

When playing Daily Fantasy football on Draftkings, you choose from a list of players available on the match day in order to fill the following positions:

  • GK = Goalkeeper 1
  • D = Defenders 2
  • M = Midfielders 2
  • F = Forwards 2
  • UTIL = Utility 1x

As you can see in the screenshot above, there is a major difference when compared to FantasyBet or FanTeam, in that you only have 8 players for your team.

No captain

Furthermore, it is important to note that you don’t choose a captain and accordingly there is no point bonus for him. The advantage of being able to play without a captain is that the overall result of a tournament is less dependent on luck.

The utility position

The UTIL position must not be confused with that of a substitute player. It is much more than that, it is flexible position, which can be filled with defender, midfielder or forward. Goalkeepers must not be placed in this position.

The point system

We’ll begin our explanation of the scoring system on Draftkings by looking at the position of the goalkeeper, which is different from the other positions:


  • Save = +2 Points
  • Opponent scores = -2 Points
  • Clean Sheet (zu null) = +5 Points
  • Win = +5 Points
  • Saved penalty = +3 Points
  • Yellow card = -1.5 Points
  • Red card = -3 Points

Here is the scoring system for field players.

Field players (D, M, F)

  • Goal = +10 Points
  • Assist= +6 Points
  • Shot= +1 Point
  • Shot on goal = +1 Points
  • Flanks = +0.75 Points (Corner kicks, cross changes, set pieces)
  • Being fouled = +1 Point
  • Foul = -0,5 Points
  • Winning a tackle = +1 Points
  • Intercepting a pass = +0.5 Points
  • Yellow card = -1.5 Points
  • Red card = -3 Points
  • Missing a penalty = -5 Points
  • Clean Sheet (D) = +3 Points

You can see that Draftkings uses a scoring system, which is completely different to that of our other providers. However, from a daily fantasy football perspective, this brings many opportunities, which we would like to explain to you in the detailed strategy article “How to set up a daily Fantasy football team on Draftkings“.


Fanteam 25k GTD Premier League-min


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