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DFF news: €100,000 Champions Challenge season game

In their recent newsletter, Fanteam released the DFF news: the €100,000 Champions Challenge season game will be a very exciting one for all Fantasy Football Managers.

€100,000 Champions Challenge

The Premier League season game has been a great success with close to 9,000 entries. With that in mind, Fanteam thought “Why not do something similar with Champions League?”

And so, they did. Read here how Fanteam announced the €100,000 Champions Challenge in their recent newsletter and what they leaked about the game.

The facts of the €100,000 Champions Challenge

  •    €20,000 guaranteed first prize!
  •    €100,000 guaranteed prize pool!
  •    Weekly prizes to the best 3 managers of the GW
  •    Starts September 17th
  •    2 free transfers per round
  •    Save up to 2 free transfers, so max in any given round is 4 free transfers
  •    Max 20 entries per participant
  •   Player price changes between gameweeks
  •   Buy-in €25
  •   No wildcards
  •   Late registration until GW2 starts

€100,000 Champions Challenge season game

Increased guarantee for the €2 Monster to €7,500!

The most moderately priced Monster tournament sold out easily last week. As a result, Fanteam will increase the guarantee to 7,500! Now you will be able to win more than 700 euro even if you enter with only one team!

€50,000 Monster still going strong

Participation in Fanteam`s biggest tournament, the €50k Monster is still increasing. Maybe they have to go even higher with this one as well, and soon? The first prize is already at a very nice €4,800. What would you do if you won that kind of money?

Remember that you should enter early if you intend to play, because we have a feeling this one will be sold out in a not too distant future. So be sure to make the most out of this!

Set-Piece Takers Champions League

Set-Piece Takers Premier League– Penalties, Free Kicks, Corners

I hope you liked the announcement of the €100,000 Champions Challenge season game like I did. Leave your comments and feedback if you like these tournament news.

Enjoy Fantasy Football and check out all DFF Champions League posts here.


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