How does the Telegram group Paid Picks Pro work?

Since the start we have been able to deliver excellent results in our Paid Picks Pro group. We were able to make a total of 80.28 units profit in 3 months with a ROI of 22.12%.

The Telegram Group Paid Picks Pro

Since the start, we have been able to deliver excellent results in our Paid Picks Pro group as you can see in our overall Graph. In 3 months we were able to make a total of 80.28 units profit with an ROI of 22.12%. That is world-class!

Using the example of the € graph you can see how much you would have won with 100€ per unit. It was an 8027,80€ profit.

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The results of our tips in the Paid Picks Pro

  • Staked: 363 Units
  • Winnings: 80.28 Units
  • ROI: 22.12%


paid picks pro graph overall


We look back on 3 months of betting tips. Here is a detailed view of each month.

November 2019

In November, we started with our sports betting Paid Picks Pro Telegram group. In the beginning, the first 50 or so bets we had a small downswing of minus 13 units. As professionals, this did not really bother us at first – such drawbacks simply happen in the sports betting area.

Of course, we kept posting our picks and were able to get back into the profit zone relatively quickly. From the middle of the month on things went very well and we were able to close the month with a plus of 26.6 units and an ROI of 15.92%.

  • Staked: 167 Units
  • Winnings: 26.59 Units
  • ROI: 15.92%

paid picks pro graph november

December 2019

Then came December. Normally boring, because there are relatively few markets. So there were fewer bets than in a normal month. Had about half the picks we usually have. Nevertheless, December started very strong and we were able to make 35 units profit within the first few days.

In the middle to end of the month it, got a little worse again. But we still had a successful December with 16.60 units and a ROI of 15.74%.

  • Staked: 105.5 Units
  • Winnings: 16.60 Units
  • ROI: 15.74%

paid picks pro graph december

January 2020

Right to the month of January. A time when a lot of value can be found in the betting market. Many friendly matches take place in which the bookmakers relatively often make big mistakes. We also benefited from this, with some very high odds that we hit. January was very strong throughout and we are now close to the end of the month with 37.09 units profit and a ROI of 40.98%.

  • Staked: 90.5 Units
  • Winnings: 37.09 Units
  • ROI: 40.98%

paid picks pro januar graph

How does the Paid Picks Pro group work?

We look forward to further profitable months with you. It pays off for everyone to join us. You are also welcome to join our sports betting Free Telegram group first and exchange information with existing members of the Pick group.

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