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Dropping by at 11Heroes was an excellent decision! We aim to make you a successful fantasy sports player. In this article, we will give you an overview of how fantasy football and fantasy sports work in general, and how you can make the most of 11Heroes.

If you sign up for our partner sites via an 11Heroes link, you can start winning real money immediately, without having to put any of your own at risk!

01. Fantasy football

Fantasy Football is a mixture of a sports management game and a sports bet. The starting point in fantasy football is always that you put together a team of players. These players are real, existing players in a league (for example the Bundesliga). Click on the links below for more information.

02. Registration and free starting capital

Get your free start-up capital from our partners!

Your benefits on FantasyBet

Register via our link with Fantasybet! If you want to know more about FantasyBet, click here and you will reach our supplier analysis.

After your registration with FantasyBet, you will receive £4.40 tournament money within 24 hours (weekdays). You can use this to pay the entry fee into normal tournaments for real prize money. You do not have to pay in any of your own money. In addition to your starting capital, you will receive a tournament voucher for the £5.50 Weekly Strike Tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of £500!

 Your benefits on FanTeam

When you register on FanTeam through 11Heroes you get a 200% deposit bonus up to max. €250. This means you can claim a maximum of €500 as a bonus, which you have at your disposal for 90 days of free play. You can find out more about FanTeam in our provider analysis.

How to register

03. The ideal start to your career as a fantasy manager

You have signed up for one of our partners and in the following section we’ll explain what, in our opinion, is the best way to start your career as a fantasy manager.

How do you put a team together?

A quick introduction to FantasyBet

You have already created your account and now you are planning the first steps in your career as a fantasy manager. We recommend keep it simple to begin with. How does this work? Very simple: you use our sample teams. You can find the sample teams for FantasyBet at this link, which brings to you the FantasyBet line-ups.

There are always 2 dream teams, one for regular tournaments (REG) and one for Double or Nothing (DON) tournaments. What do REG and DON actually mean?

REG stands for Regular Team and is our recommendation for a normal tournament. In a normal tournament on average only the best fifth (20%) reach the money place and hence they are paid well.

DON stands for Double or Nothing and refers to a tournament form in which the better half of the whole field is paid. In a tournament with 100 participants the first 1-50 places get in the money and double their buy in, while places 51 to 100 leave empty-handed. This form of tournament offers the best opportunity for you to get familiar with the game at the start of your career.

What tournaments should you play?

  • All freerolls (these are free-to-enter tournaments in which you can still win real money)
  • Insert Coin for £1.10
  • Weekend Double UP for £3.30
  • Weekly Strike with the free tournament ticket you receive upon registration

We recommend that you user our REG team to play the Insert Coin tournament for £1.10 and the Weekly Strike for which you received a voucher upon registration!
For the Weekend Double UP for £3.30, we advise you to use our DON team. If you do not want to set up 2 different teams, you can play all of the tournaments with our DON team and you will still have good chances of success.

Our DON teams have been extremely successful and are have generally made it into the money. Read more about our success stories.

In addition to the tournaments described above, we advise you to play all the freerolls available to you. These tournaments are usually highlighted in red and you can find them at the top of the tournament lounge (Weekend Freeroll).

A quick introduction to FanTeam

You’re also spoiled for choice on Fanteam, because there are several tournaments available. In this section, we recommend the most suitable tournaments for beginners. You can make setting up your teams easier for yourself by referring to our 11Heroes dream teams. You can find them here: FanTeam line-ups. Our DON teams have been extremely successful and are have generally made it into the money. Read more about our success stories.

What tournaments should you play?

  • All freerolls (these are free-to-enter tournaments in which you can still win real money)
  • The €1.10 tournament
  • The €3.30 tournament
  • The €2.20 Double or Nothing tournament
  • The €5.50 Double or Nothing tournament

We recommend that you play the regular tournaments with our REG team, and use our DoN lineup for the Double or Nothing tournaments. In addition to the tournaments described above, we advise you to play all possible freerolls.

Then, at weekends, just keep your fingers crossed and if you like, follow the events live. We especially recommend our Twitch Stream on our 11Heroes channel.

04. The benefits of 11Heroes

Our partners with great bonus offers

All 11Heroes partners offer you great bonuses, which will make it easier for you to get started. We have already explained the most important points in the section “Registration and free starting capital”.

Free training

As a fantasy football school, we provide all members with a free education and a variety of teaching materials and strategies, in addition to the advantages of free starting capital. The following overview shows you what there is on offer.

Match day preparation

Are you already an experienced fantasy manager or on your way to becoming one and would you like to be able nominate players outside of our sample teams? No problem, we guide you through the key fundamentals for putting together a competitive team:


In our previews, you’ll find everything you need to know about the match day odds. Who has the highest chance of winning, where are most goals expected, which team is most likely to keep a clean sheet and which player has the best chance of scoring? If that’s not enough for you already, we have even more.

Player pool

In our player pool section, we introduce the most promising players of the match day and give a short description of the players, their current form and their opponent. In addition, we point out if a player is not guaranteed to be in the starting line up.


In our line-ups for the respective providers (for example FantasyBet or FanTeam etc.) you will learn why we chose our particular team. Our line-up can help you identify important players and also use them for your own team.

Tips from the Coaches

Through the tips from the coaches, you will learn our experts’ personal opinion directly from them and this does not always necessarily match the statistical predictions. Our experts follow the trends which they have seen in the last games and also have their own gut feelings about the match day.

Injured list

In our injured list, which always appears one day before the actual match day, we indicate players who either are or could be injured and are therefore not guaranteed to play. Suspended players are also indicated in the injured list.


If even that is still not enough for you, our review will tell you everything you need to know about last week’s matches from a fantasy football perspective, including the fantasy football top scorer.

Game theory

If this is still not enough, we recommend that you take a look at our game theory articles. In these, we explain the basis for our assumptions and why, for example, we have chosen a certain formation or nominated a certain captain. The range of these articles covers everything from absolute basic knowledge to expert analyses, which could be challenging to understand. But they’re also worth making the time for!

Community & Forum

Would you like to improve your game by discussing it with like-minded people? That’s an excellent idea and our forum is the perfect place to put it into practice. Here you can find everything from the latest news on line-ups to success stories to discussions about line-ups, everything a fantasy manager’s could possibly want. We are looking forward to hearing your opinion!


Everything you need to know about fantasy sport is covered in our news section, this includes, for example, the most interesting tournaments at our partner providers, the content plan of the week, etc. If you had a very successful fantasy sport weekend, for example, we are happy to report on it. In our “VIP lounge” section, we also give our most successful community members the opportunity to introduce themselves to the community and to report on their career highlights.


Courses are learning paths which can cover all media. The goal of a course is to give you a guide to finding the best content on the course topic with minimal effort and to studying it in the correct order. We particularly recommend our beginners’ camp for fantasy football novices.


Everything explained quickly and concisely. Register, log in, set up? No problem.

Videos & Podcasts

Our videos provide everything, from tutorials on how to register quickly to detailed analyses of the winning teams from any given match day, you can find it all here.

Good luck with the start of your career as a fantasy manager ! Your 11Heroes Team!


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