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Learn fantasy football with 11Heroes the easy way. Improve your line-ups with our strategies and learn how to set up your fantasy football teams properly. Learning fantasy football is not difficult.  Here you can find our offer at a glance.

Everyone wants to win money in fantasy football tournaments. However, this is not easy. 11Heroes helps you to develop a good strategy and to learn the tactical and strategic basics quickly. Strategy, however, is not everything you can and must master. It is also important to be informed about current promotions and free starting money. In this way, you can win money using a bonus without ever playing with your own money or risking anything.

In this article you will find out how you too can learn fantasy football and how easy it is to improve your bankroll with special offers and bonuses. Good bankroll management is the foundation of every strategy, and you should learn that first. In addition, there are also tournaments which do not charge an entry fee, but where you can still win something.

These so-called freerolls are becoming increasingly popular and are regularly played by many fantasy football managers.

Free Starting Capital

If you’re new to fantasy football, you may not want to invest money immediately and that’s also very reasonable. There are many ways to start the game without putting up your own money and still winning real money. We’ll explain this to you now.

Free Credit

If you register on our partner pages through 11Heroes, you always get a special offer. Free credit is the ideal start, because you can play for real money without risk. Follow the tutorials and our registration notes and you can get free starting capital from our partners. So make the most of this chance and let us tell you how to lay the foundations of your bankroll.


Many of our partners always offer new bonuses and offers to keep you in a good mood and to sweeten the fantasy football experience. These offers can include a reload bonus, giving you a little extra money when you deposit. Free tournament tickets are another possibility. Check out our news and promotions, where we keep you up-to-date at all times so you do not miss any bonus.

In the beginners’ training camp you will learn the basic rules of setting up good fantasy teams.

beginners' training camp



These tournaments do not charge an entry fee and everyone can play them. And yet you can win money in them. If this is not enough of a challenge, freerolls always attract very many participants who are eager for the winnings and it is a particularly great success to win such a big tournament. Everyone can be proud of such a victory! Of course, the right strategy is essential if you are to stand a chance in such large fields.

Beginners Training Camp

Learn Fantasy Football the right way from the start. Especially in a game where you put up money and above all when you want to win money, you need to learn all the important strategies quickly. A solid basis is of great importance, and beginners in particular learn quickest through courses which are specially tailored to them. In this way they can better understand and process the information and implement it profitably. The Beginners’ Course is ideal for beginners and is designed as follows:

Comparison with Poker

Fantasy football is like poker in that is is a game of skill game in which luck is a factor. In short, the skill is to understand the probability of certain events and to apply them to your own advantage. A big role is played by the bookmakers which use statistical analyses and mathematical models to calculate the probabilities of many events.


These probabilities are expressed as odds. If you want to use these probabilities for your teams in daily fantasy football, then you can either get them from the betting companies or look them up in our articles for the league and the corresponding match day. In our strategy menu you will get all the important links, and of course for every match day all relevant information will be provided with the content on 11Heroes.

Tips for Beginners

After the beginners’ tips and tips on how to get started, you’ll discover bankroll management and how easy it is to learn. This order is no coincidence, as bankroll management is an indispensable prerequisite if you don’t want to lose all your money. In addition, there are some beginners’ mistakes which you should absolutely avoid. So you already have a strategic advantage over the other fantasy football managers.

A Positive Approach to the Game

Gambling addiction is a known and serious problem. A healthy approach to fantasy football is indispensable. The fun of the game should be in the foreground and the financial risk should always be controlled as well as possible. Bankroll management helps you. Right from early on in the beginner’s course, all our members learn how to use their money wisely and to minimize their risk.

Bankroll Management

Fun in the game, but with the necessary security. This is the motto of real bankroll management. It is important always to use a small part of your money to reduce the risk of being wiped out to a very small probability but still to play profitably. In our article, you will learn how this is done and how you can use your money in a winning way while minimizing your risk.

Learn Seasonal and Daily Fantasy Football

A comparison of seasonal and daily fantasy football as well as a look at the different tournament forms will help you figure out your favourite fantasy football variation. Seasonal fantasy football is played over a whole season, guaranteeing long play and long-lasting tension. In daily fantasy football, however, tournaments are usually based a specific match day. So if you want to have fun in the short term, this is the right place.

Check it out: Beginners training camp


Everything explained quickly and concisely. This is the point of tutorials and in our entry-level articles and videos, we explain not only how fantasy football works, but also how you can best use the 11Heroes website. In addition, we shall explain the tools which experienced fantasy managers use to succeed. The registration on our partner platforms such as FantasyBet and FanTeam, but also Skrill and Neteller is another issue we explain. This way you know exactly how to go about getting free starting credits or bonuses. And of course you learn the basic strategies!

Videos – Learn Fantasy Football Visually

Our video offer is diverse. In the previews, we will look at the upcoming match day and provide a detailed presentation of the odds and suggestions for your team. So you already know the players with the highest expected value and do not have to struggle with lengthy research. In the reviews, we analyse the previous day’s game and focus on both the matches and the tournament results. So learning fantasy football is really fun!

Many people are now learning with videos better than with classic written articles. 11Heroes offers you both in high quality. If you need more convincing about what we can offer, go into our video section. In addition to classic videos, you will also find podcasts.



Podcasts are another good way to visualize content. Classic podcasts are somewhat longer than videos and also have other content and themes. So everyone can choose for themselves how they best learn fantasy football.

Analysis of the Probabilities Each Match Day

Thorough preparation is essential in fantasy football. You should look at the match odds, the clean sheet odds and how likely the strikers are to score. This ensures that you have teams with high expectations and are on the right side of mathematics. 11Heroes saves you the extensive research work and keeps you up to date with the current probabilities.

Practical tips – Learn Fantasy Football from the Pros

Our fantasy football coaches give you the inside scoop before every game day! You get insider tips and tips on which teams you should use for your line-up. In addition, everyone presents their favourite captain and gives reasons. Insider tips on less well-known but potentially profitable picks round off the articles.


The line-up is the core of every tournament and should be created with the utmost care. The selection of the right players is, however, only one part of the task which you have to learn in fantasy football. Due to fact that different platforms have their own specific rules, you need to take into account the details of each platform in order to create the best teams. In the following section, we shall tell you about some of the special features of FantasyBet and FanTeam, which you should consider when picking your team.


On FantasyBet, you can set up four substitute players, who move into your 11 is a player fails to play. This allows you to take some risks, because a player who drops out can easily be replaced by the reserve. In this case, strikers can also be replaced by midfielders, which gives you more tactical options.


The way points are awarded on Fanteam is a bit different from other providers. This offers a lot of opportunities to make a profit from the other players. The block formation is to be particularly emphasized here, as it offers high point potential and is regularly used by many successful fantasy football managers.

List of Injured Players

So that your can always be sure that all your players are running, you should keep constantly up to date with injuries. In our regular articles, we keep you updated and informed in detail, be it for the Premier League or the Bundesliga.

A Fast-Growing community

Learning together makes for more fun and guarantees faster success. Chat with the other members in the comments or in the discord forum and exchange information on line-ups and injuries. In particular, taking part in an active discussion on a topic increases the learner’s success and makes for a more social experience than working your way thought the statistical tables all by yourself. To learn fantasy football is twice as much fun in our community!

Strategy Articles: Learn Fantasy Football by Reading

Every game needs a good strategy if you want to succeed at it. Experienced players and coaches have written our articles to help you to become a better fantasy footballer. Fantasy football can be learned in different ways and through different media. In the case of the strategy articles, we differentiate between theoretical and practical through the use of different subject areas.

Game Theory Articles

These articles, as the name suggests, are all about learning fantasy football through theory. Mathematics and statistics in the shape of probabilities form the basis of every successful strategy. We help you to learn the background and the basics and to have a good starting point to make good decisions.

Preview – Learn fantasy football by understanding the odds

Our daily previews are the core of any solid preparation. Learning to play football means looking at the odds and chances and analysing them for your line-up. So you’ll find the players with the highest expectation for your teams. We take on this task for you, so you can focus more on your tournaments.

As already mentioned above, the fantasy football is mainly about using the probabilities in your favour. With a good game-day preview, you can easily learn to develop a good strategy and set up the right teams.

Principles of Creating a Line-Up

In our theoretical articles, you get your first insight into setting up your offensive and defensive and can avoid beginners’ mistakes. For example, in your offensive, you should not usually nominate multiple players from the same team as they can take points away from each other.

In the defence, on the other hand, blocking is very profitable and the main reason for this is the greater point potential when your defence keeps a clean sheet. Then all the defenders receive the clean-sheet bonus. With multiple players you can multiply the bonus and get a very good result in the tournament.

Practical Articles

The practical articles cover all topics related to tournament line-ups. We drafted dream teams for each of our suppliers and even for some special tournament formats. This is because a heads-up or a double or nothing requires a different approach to a regular tournament. The line-ups are specifically adapted to the particular tournament framework and offer a very high expected value (EV). It’s not just us who are convinced of this.

In addition to the dream team, you will receive tips on injuries and players who are in extremely good shape and have been among the top scorers in recent fantasy football tournaments. A star in blinding condition can rock entire tournaments and with the captain’s bonus can sometimes decide the result single-handedly. In both the Premier League and the Champions League this season, this has already happened when three goals + assists scored fabulous points.


Experienced fantasy football managers use numerous tools so as to have as much information as possible for their line-ups. Knowledge is power. In the following section, we present you with two tools which do not often receive the appreciation they actually deserve.

Team Analyses

Team analyses provide an overview of a team before the start of a new season. Who is the coach? How long has he been at the club? What new players were bought for how much money? What are the team’s aims for the coming season? What was their position last year and are they playing internationally in the Euro League or in the Champions League? What potential do their players have in the fantasy football tournaments. What do the experts think about how the teams perform?

Set Piece Takers

It is also enormously important and helpful to know exactly who is responsible for which set pieces for the teams. Who takes free-kick and corner? Who handles the penalties? Is there a hierarchy among the players and does it change? In football, a lot of goals are scored through set pieces, this therefore leads to high scores in the fantasy football rankings.

Match Day Reviews

A match-day review reviews and analyses the events of the past match day. What happened in the matches and where were many goals scored? What other interesting incidents were there? To learn Fantasy Football sometimes means to study and review the events from the last matchday.


We do this work in the reviews, in which we address not only the matches, but also interesting fantasy football events. What had special significance and what could you learn from it? Who were the top scorers? Learn what defences kept a clean sheet and won the clean sheet bonus? Was our strategy and formation the right one, or do we need to draw conclusions from the mistakes in our line-up and adapt our strategic approach?


In this article, you learned how important it is to learn fantasy football, to use the right strategies, and to learn from your mistakes. But it’s not just about fantasy football strategy. It’s also important to use good bankroll management, search for profitable bonuses and offers and to enter an effective line-up into the various tournaments.

How to – Fantasy Football Guide


Herbert is a doctor of philosophy, speaks 5 languages fluently and moved to Barcelona to be close to good football... Herbert was Head of Education at Pokerstrategy and responsible for ensuring that 8 million members successfully learned poker.
As a founding member of 11Heroes, Herbert plays a similar role as at Pokerstrategy.com. You can find him on Twitter as @DrFantasy11


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