Responsible Gaming

Responsible Play

Fantasy football is a great game full of emotions, but while the game is a lot of fun, there is also an element of risk if you want to play with real money. If you don’t want to play for money, you still have the option of participating in so-called freerolls. All our partners offer these free tournaments which offer you the gaming experience without the risk of loss.

The real thrill kicks in when you’re playing for real money. Playing for real money offers the possibility of high profits, but also potential losses. Therefore, it is mandatory always to play responsibly. 11Heroes would like to emphasize the importance of good bankroll management right from the outset. Even the beginners’ training camp contains an important section on bankroll management, which will warn you about the risk of excessive losses. We also give you tips on how you can protect your game money wisely. You can find the article on bankroll management here.

All great games have a certain addictive quality; this is nothing bad in itself, as long as you always exercise some self-control. It can, however, be danger for you to take decisions based not on reason but on emotion, because this could cause you to you lose a lot of money. As soon as you realize that you are losing your self-control, you should stop playing immediately and have at least one day of rest. Once you have had a break, you can go back to gambling sensibly and rationally again.

If you ever notice that you cannot take lengthy breaks from the game and that the more you play, the more you lose and that perhaps you are paying even bigger buy-ins to try to recover your lost money, then you should absolutely pull the plug and stop playing for a while.

Our partners provide you with a great deal of information about Responsible Gaming and can also help you with possible gambling problem:

Likewise 11Heroes will, of course help you with any possible gambling problem. Contact us and we can take all the necessary steps together with you and give you helpful tips on how to deal with the situation.

Responsible play is required!