Review of the 36. Game Day of the Premier League

At the end of the 36th game day in the Premier League, Chelsea beat Middlesbrough 3-0. The Blues are surging forwards towards the championship title, while Middlesbrough is now officially the second Premier League team to be relegated. What else the 36th match day had to offer, we’ll now cover.

The matches and the table

In the opening match on Friday, Tottenham lost the London Derby 0-1 to West Ham United. For the Spurs, the impressive series of nine victories in a row came to an end and every realistic hope of winning the championship thus died with it. Arsenal won 2-0 against Manchester United in the top game, thus preserving a spark of hope for the international ranks. Manchester City dominated Crystal Palace with a 5: 0 win. Pep Guardiola’s team has now come within a point of Liverpool, which only managed a 0-0 draw against Southampton.

In the battle to avoid relegation, Hull lost 0-2 to the already-relegated Sunderland. Their direct competitor Swansea, however, beat Everton 1-0. The Welsh thus overtook Hull in the final sprint to EPL safety and are a point in front of the Tigers on 17th place.

The players of the fantasy football game day

As usual we look at the players who delivered the points in the fantasy football tournaments. After the Skyblues’ 5-0, our first choice is a player from Manchester City.

Kevin de Bruyne

The Belgian had a real field day in the duel with Crystal Palace. He was able to prepare two goals, score himself and keep a clean sheet. On Fantasybet the Manchester City game was excluded from most tournaments, but on Fanteam, players with Kevin de Bruyne in their team collected a solid 16! points. He stood far and away at the top of the 36th game day in the Fantasy Premier League.

Marcos Alonso / Nicolas Otamendi

Second place is shared by two defenders, Alonso and Otamendi were both able to score and benefit from the points for keeping a clean sheet. On Fanteam there were 14 points for each. Alonso also enjoyed more than three bonus points on Fantasybet, where he picked up a solid 15 points.


During the week, the postponed match between Southampton and Arsenal is on the agenda. On Friday, the game begins on the 37th day. Fantasy football managers are also heading for the season finale. We will provide you with all odds and probabilities as usual. But so much in advance – both Chelsea and Manchester City have feasible games ahead of them and the players of this day could score points again next weekend.

Good luck and good game!

Your 11Heroes team


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