What is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a mix of a management game and a sports bet.



The starting point in fantasy football is always setting up a team of players. These players are real, existing players in a league (e.g. the Bundesliga), a tournament (e.g. the World Cup), or another competition (e.g. the Champions League). When setting up your team, you have to observe certain restrictions, e.g. you must have a goalkeeper, several defenders and midfielders and at least one striker. A team of only strikers is not possible. Also you can usually only make use of a certain number of players from any given team (e.g. Bayern München) for you line-up. Besides this, you have only a limited fictional budget with which you will be provided. So it is almost impossible for you to set up a team using only absolute top stars.


If you have set up a team, you can participate in a tournament against other players and compete against their teams. Hence you are playing against teams created by other people and not against machine-produced teams set up by a computer.

You can decide if you want to play in these tournaments for real money or if just want to compete for the honour of winning. There are different tournament formats. We’ll explain how they work now.


The player with the most points wins the tournament. But how are the points awarded? Maybe you know games where footballers are awarded marks by specialist magazines or specialized reporters. However, these scores are based to a large extent on a subjective impression.

In Fantasy football all that matters is the real, measurable performance of the players, for example, how many goals he has scored how many assists he has given etc. So there are, for example, plus points for scoring but minus points for yellow and red cards, or causing a penalty.

Defenders and goalkeepers keeping a clean sheet get the same sort of points as a striker scoring a goal. With the game data, it will be always be clear how many points a player on your team will earn, even when just watching a game on TV.


You play a tournament with an entry fee of €11.00 and compete against 9 other players. In this case we say that only the first 3 places will be paid. The first place receives €50, second place €30 and third place €20. Players 4-10 get nothing. Places 1-3 are therefore also known as ITM – (in the money). If you participate in a tournament, you can see how many places are paid during the registration. To reach the money places, your team needs to gain more points than the team set up by your opponents. Fantasy football therefore offers you the possibility to win money with your skills and still have more fun watching. You are independent of a reporter or specialist opinion, because all that counts are the hard facts on the pitch.

Football pitch background with cheering crowd against a blue sky

Fantasy football also offers you a completely new feeling when you are watching a game. You have at least 11 active players on your team, with whom you can share the excitement and who can win points for you at any point in the came. So therefore feeling your knees turning to jelly when watching Ingolstadt against Hoffenheim is an experience only known to fans of daily fantasy football. Share this experience with your friends and play together in your own leagues or put your expertise to the test in an open tournament. You can also team up together with your friends celebrate with your team in front of the TV.

Up until recently, fantasy football was played on a seasonal basis and to a certain extent it still is. So you have to look after a team for an entire season to have a good chance of winning and therefore you can barely afford to go a single weekend without setting up your team. Daily fantasy games solve this issue for you and are therefore very popular. The clue is in the name, in daily fantasy football, you can play tournaments which last for a match, a day or a weekend rather than taking up a whole season of your time. An important point is that prizes are generally awarded shortly after the final whistle has blown in the last game.

It’s no wonder then that daily fantasy sports are all the rage. In the US, nearly 60 million people already play daily fantasy sports and there are regular tournaments where the winner gets up to $ million for first place. This trend is now heading straight to Europe. In Europe, however, the so-called US sports (basketball, American football, baseball) are not the main games, but the Europeans’ first love – football. Fantasy sports in Europe is currently at a similar level to poker in 2003, when amateur Chris Moneymaker qualified for free to the world championship of poker. When he won the main event of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas and nearly 5 million dollars in prize money he set a new “national sport” in motion. Get in at the ground floor now and don’t miss the next big trend – Daily Fantasy Football. Daily Fantasy Football.


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