What is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football combines sports betting with a management game.

How does it work?

In it, you create a team out of players in a competition, for example, a league or a championship, and they then compete in a tournament against the teams created by the other participants. In these competitions, you can play, for example, the English Premier League or the German Bundesliga and also big tournaments like a European or World Championship.

How do tournaments work?

A tournament works the same way for all participants. You pay the entry fee for which you receive a budget with which you put together your team. Each provider has their own requirements, for example, you can only have a certain number of players from a particular team (usually three or four) and of course you also need to have a full team with a goalkeeper, defense, midfield and offense. It is not possible to have a team with 11 forwards.

In the tournament, who wins and who loses is decided at the end of competition, based on the points scored by each team. The teams are evaluated according to the statistics on the real match day.

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Here is a simple example to illustrate the point. You have chosen the player John Smith and he scored a goal. You will then receive points for your team. At the end of the competition, all the players’ point are added together. The participant with the highest score wins the tournament. He gets the biggest prize, but usually the best 10-15% of players also receive a prize.

Important: each provider has its own rules for awarding points. It is very important to know the exact rules to be able to create the perfect team. Here are the criteria for our partner sites.

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