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Which Blue Plays beside Harry Kane on Match Day 30?

This formation came about due to the fact that we are complementing our two defenders with one offensive player from the same team. In addition, we are relying on 2 offensive players with very good chances of scoring.

Daily Fantasy Football Lineups Fanteam Premier League Match Day 30 : There’s a small but significant first for our fantasy football managers on FanTeam. Although at first glance it appears that we are playing a standard 5-3-2 formation , we are not playing a 3 + defensive block, no, this time we’re taking our chances with the riskier 2 + 2 + 2.

This formation came about due to the fact that we are complementing our two defenders with one offensive player from the same team. In addition, we are relying on 2 offensive players with very good chances of scoring.

Our Line-Up/Dream Team

Our goalkeeper is the goalkeeper with the best chance of keeping a clean sheet, Ederson . He brings a full 57% chance of keeping a clean sheet. He is joined by team mate Walker . Both players were rested in the Champions League and will almost certainly start.

The Chelsea team also have a 57% chance of keeping a clean sheet, however, we they have an upcoming Champions League match and we don’t want our plans to be disrupted by rotations. As Chelsea has everything to play for, we expect some of the top performers to be rested (for example, Marcos Alonso). Therefore we have to pass on using Chelsea players in both defence and offence although they have a very good chance of winning.

But since we like blue jerseys, we turn to Everton. Joking aside, the Toffees have very acceptable probabilities given their price. Big Sam’s team has a 41% chance of keeping a clean sheet.

We rely on the very scorching Seamus Coleman , who was able to contribute an assist on the last match day and is very popular with all fantasy football managers. Alongside him, we put Phil Jagielka who is very strong in the air.

If Jagielka does not start, we can cheerfully replace him with one of his team mates. The Hammers have a slightly better chance of keeping a clean sheet than the Toffees (43%). Here we bet on Cresswell,  who takes corners and is often involved in goals. At his side, we place another veteran, namely Patrice Evra .



The real reason for our 2 + 2 + 2 defense block is our offensive department. We do not want to give up our captain Sergio Agüero, who has a 62% chance of scoring and like his two team-mates he was rested in the Champions League.

From West Ham we bet on Marko Arnautovic , who is in great form and for whom we have been prepared to pass on a 3/3 defensive block. The same can be said about Theo Walcott , who has become the linchpin of the Toffees game since his move to Everton.

The 2 players who have to make do without any of their team mates are Harry Kane with a 60% chance of scoring. The darling of all fantasy football managers will want to release his frustration at the Champions League defeat against Juventus.

Our team is completed by Tom Ince , who slips into the team for budget reasons. We would prefer his team mate Parra, he this is simply too expensive.

Dream Team 2 – for Heads-Up and DoN



Here, as usual, we change to a 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 to reduce variance to a minimum. Our goalkeeper is Dubravka who has a 35% chance of keeping a clean sheet and not yet settled as number one goalkeeper. For budget reasons however, his use is unavoidable.

Walker 57%, Coleman 41% and Cresswell 43% retain their place in the team due to their combined scorer and clean-sheet chances. We add Aurier (41% clean-sheet chance) and Hadergjonaj (38% clean-sheet chance). In midfield, we rely again on Arnautovic .

We also add the top scorer from Leicester, Mahrez , who is looking at a good match with bottom of the table West Brom, and Parra, , whom we unfortunately can not afford on our REG team. The offensive players and our captain, however, remain unchanged.

No matter what you decide for your line-up, we are keeping our fingers crossed and wish you good luck!

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