Business model

How do we earn money?

At 11Heroes we find that transparency is as important as quality content. That is why we make no secret of how we earn our money. Our ultimate goal is to provide our players with first-class products, videos and podcasts to help them to become better fantasy managers. As our content is geared to all skill levels, we need to produce new content almost daily to meet our service pledges. To ensure this, we have gathered a hardworking team of copywriters, translators and video specialists around us. It will not surprise you that our experts are remunerated appropriately for their work.
An obvious approach would be to restrict membership of our community to those who paid a subscription. On the other hand, however, fantasy football in general and 11Heroes in particular both thrive not just on first-class content but also on the basis of a lively and engaged community. This would be difficult to ensure if we were to hide certain content from our members and only make it available to those who paid a fee. For us there is therefore only one fair way to provide you with the best content in fantasy football.

Affiliate Marketing

11Heroes has opted to use affiliate marketing as a means of generating income. In affiliate marketing a company pays the affiliate for the successful referral of customers. This number of clicks on links in text and images is used to measure how many customers have been referred in a given time period. Each click on one of these links will be recorded and credited to the affiliate. For example, if you find a link to Fanaments in our products, clicking on this link will take you to our partner’s website. If you register on this platform, this will be recorded by the system and we’ll then get a commission. Countless websites now work on this business model. Unlike us, however, they have chosen not to inform their clients of this. We believe that it is legitimate to be rewarded for great content and we are sure that you understand this.

How does this affect the content?

We do not make any editorial decisions based on the commission which we receive from our partners. As long as suppliers meet our high quality standards, we do not differentiate between them and produce content for all platforms in the same way. All the providers which you can find here have been checked thoroughly and are used privately by our coaches. We categorically refuse to work with dubious, even if this costs us a lot of money. Our focus is on the protection of members, this will always be our number one priority in all circumstances.

An overview

We firmly believe that transparency and honesty pay off in time. Therefore, we are confident that we will set new standards with our transparent business model and unparalleled content.

Over the coming months, therefore, our main priority will be to set you on the right path to becoming successful fantasy managers. Especially in the early days, all content will be completely free. In a few months we will, however, introduce a new members-reward system. This will give particularly active members access to even more exclusive and sophisticated content. Of course we will inform you in good time about any pending developments, so that you can be sure that none of the changes will catch you on the hop.

Potential of Fantasy Football

We know that fantasy football has the potential to develop into a gigantic phenomenon in Europe over the coming years and we’ll never tire of helping you to prepare you to do your best work as a fantasy manager. We’ll be keeping our eyes on the fantasy sports market and will be your steadfast partners in everything to do with the topic of fantasy sports.