3 Killer Tips for bankroll management in sports betting

The bankroll is the basic stake with which you enter sports betting. With the following 3 Killer Tips for bankroll management in sports betting, you can strategically determine your bankroll.

Bankroll management in sports betting

What is a bankroll, anyway?

Bankroll management comes from the financial sector. The bankroll is the basic stake with which you enter sports betting.

It is your seed money.

With the following 3 Killer Tips for bankroll management in sports betting you can strategically determine your bankroll.

  • How do you define your bankroll?
  • Staking Units/Units recommendation
  • NO TILT!

How do you define your bankroll?

A bankroll is the amount of money you want to bet to start your sports betting career. The motto is: play only with what you can bet as free money.

Experience shows that a bankroll that is too tight reduces your chances of winning. You make the best decisions without pressure.

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Before we get to the bankroll management tip on how much you should set as your bankroll, let’s talk about the value of the bets.

What are Staking Units? Units recommendation

Many people calculate the stakes in the sports betting area based on units. You have to decide how much you want to bet in sports betting.  There are different variants for this.

You can (like us in our Telegram Community) divide the probability of winning the bet into 3 units.

  • 1/3 =Value
  • 2/3 =good Value
  • 3/3 = very good Value

I use the unit variant myself. My maximum stake per bet is for example 600€, again divided into 3 so-called units:

  • 1 unit 200€
  • 2 unit 400€
  • 3 unit 600€

Depending on the ROI of the bet, I either only bet

  • 1/3 unit: because ROI is low
  • 3/3 Units: if the ROI of the bet is high

This gives you a gradation. Not every bet offers the same value.

Save kelvin benjamin
Save kelvin benjamin. Source: Giphy.

Tip #1 Bankroll Management

In principle, I would give the following tips for the seed capital:

  • 40x the maximum stake per bet as a bankroll
  • Example: You want to play a maximum of 100€ per bet (3 units). Then I would recommend a bankroll of 100€*40= 4000€
  • Downswings are intercepted this way
  • you make better decisions without pressure

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Tip #2 Return on investment and variance in sports betting

Variance plays a very important role in sports betting. The ROIs ( = Return on investment) is mostly below 10%. This increases the variance.

You can reliably estimate your ROI and adjust your bankroll management from 1000+ tips.

High ROI = Low variance

Discover a better way to build your bankroll

See possible results

If you have a high ROI, you naturally have less variance and can, therefore, make your bankroll management more aggressive.

Tips for bankroll management in sports betting
Mad cap. Source: Giphy.

Tip #3 NO TILT! Psychology in Bankroll Management

Psychology also plays a major role in bankroll management. Due to the variance, it is quite possible to lose 5-10 games in a row.

Here it is important to keep a cool head and continue betting normally. It’s even best to take a break as soon as you notice that it’s getting on your nerves.

Many people are not in control and start placing bets that are anything but good.

This is probably the main reason why many ambitious sports bets fail quickly at the beginning. But losing is also part of it as a professional.

Ask your questions about sports betting in our free Telegram Channel Sports Betting (Free). We and the community will give you tips and feedback on your bets.

These are the 3 Killer Tips that everyone should know about bankroll management in sports betting. I look forward to your comments and feedback here in the comments or on Telegram.

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