6 Killer Tips for Daily Fantasy Sports

With the 6 Killer Tips for Daily Fantasy Sports, you will start successfully in fantasy tournaments.

Until now, no master has fallen from the sky. But Daily Fantasy Sports aren’t a witchcraft either. Get a successful start into the fantasy tournaments works with the 6 killer tips for Daily Fantasy Sports

If you’re new to Daily Fantasy Sports, I recommend the following articles as an introduction. The articles are written for football, but the basic rules of fantasy sports apply equally to other disciplines.

6 Killer Tips for Daily Fantasy Sports

But now to the point!

  1. General tips for fantasy sports
  2. Choose the best players in your team
  3. Improve your results in Daily Fantasy Sports
  4. Analyze the probabilities of each game day
  5. Develop your Daily Fantasy Skills
  6. Alternative for deposits of real money

Let’s start with Killer Tip #1!

#1 General Tips for Fantasy Sports

To become the winner of a Daily Fantasy tournament, skills must be developed and players carefully selected.

Some general tips and the Daily Fantasy basics can be found in the Beginner Camp.

Points are not randomly awarded to the players, but are calculated based on the player’s performance in real-world games.

Every fantasy sports provider has defined rules for scoring in every sport. The rules of Fanteam, one of the most popular providers, can be found in their Support Center. Study the scoring rules, because that helps you with the killer tip #2!

#2 Choose the best players in your team

There are three main factors to consider when selecting a player;

  • Previous performance (points scored, cards)
  • Performance potential (form, injuries, game time)
  • Price/performance (Is the player worth half of your budget?)


#3 Improve Your Results in Daily Fantasy Sports

Analyze your results and review your decisions. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I select my team’s players based on my favorites or on the basis of potential results?
  • Do I consider my budget when selecting players, or do I select only the best-placed players?
  • Do I do enough research on player and performance before choosing them for my team? Do I analyze other players well enough after the end of a tournament?

#4 Analyze the probabilities of each game day

Betting odds are based on comprehensive calculations and statistics. They give you some good conclusions about the best teams and players.

Correctly estimate the probabilities of the daily fantasy tournament matches. Follow the links and select the betting odds of your favorite sport. Don’t worry, you don’t have to create an account or deposit money there!

With the betting odds, your team gets a solid mathematical base and you better choose players for many points.

#5 Develop your Daily Fantasy Skills

Try different strategies. It is very easy to always use the same favorite players in the tournaments without considering the possibility to try out a different strategy.

These 7 traits will help you with online manager games.

Develop your skills in Daily Fantasy tournaments. Try different strategies. Change players and formations and analyze your results. Which team and which players scored the highest?

#6 Alternatives for real money deposits

To deposit real money into an online account, payment methods such as credit cards or Paypal must be chosen. Not everyone can or does not want to do that.

But it also works without a deposit!

Look out for a lucrative starter bonus or free tournament tickets. This allows you to participate in real money fantasy tournaments without risking anything.

For example, you can win real money with this offer by participating in a Daily Fantasy tournament for free

Search these offers and try Daily Fantasy for free. If you want to make it easy, check out our community and our Twitter Channel 11Heroes

These were the 6 killer tips for Daily Fantasy Sports. I look forward to your feedback in the comments. And the most important thing:

Enjoy Daily Fantasy Sports!

Featured Image: Photo by Kuma Kum on Unsplash


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