Daily Fantasy Football Preview: Odds for the upcoming match day. Who is favorite and which player scores the most goals? Match Odds, More than 2.5 goals, Cleansheet Odds, Scorer Odds!

Always tell me the odds!

What is a preview?

A preview is a forecast of the upcoming match day in a league. The match day preview is theoretical and analyses the odds for the real encounters.

  • Which teams are most likely to win their game?
  • In which encounters are there likely to be the most goals?
  • Which defence has the best chance of keeping a clean sheet?
  • Which attackers are most likely to score goals?
  • Who is the best captain?
  • Which formation should be chosen on the match day?

In our research we analyse the bookmakers’ odds for you and summarize the results. This allows you to focus your full attention on setting up your team, because you already have all the statistics to hand.

If you want to know more about the methodology behind our match day previews, please take a look at the following article: The procedure for game-day preview and analysis

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