Daily vs Seasonal Fantasy Football Explained

Seasonal and Daily Fantasy football are the two most important types of fantasy football – but how do you know which is the right choice for you? Many fantasy managers play both seasonal as and daily fantasy football during the season, but there are pros and cons for each of the two options.

Daily vs Seasonal Fantasy Football is the question. Which format do you prefer?

Seasonal vs. Daily Fantasy Football – Which is Better?

The issue of better or worse is often a matter of taste, and so it is with daily and seasonal fantasy football. This means that the real question is – which option do you find more fun?

Many fantasy managers play both seasonal and daily fantasy football during the season, but there are pros and cons for each of the two options. Use this 11Heroes guide to learn more about daily and seasonal fantasy football and decide which is the right choice for you.

Seasonal Fantasy Football

Seasonal fantasy football is probably the most difficult discipline in fantasy sports. Lining up team after team over a full year requires constant commitment, risk-taking, and sharp judgment. What are the pros and cons of seasonal fantasy football?

Daily vs Seasonal Fantasy Football stadium

Benefits of seasonal fantasy football

For many, it is a pleasure to play seasonal fantasy football with friends to chew the footballing fat with them for a whole season and generally to enjoy all the fun of friendly competition. Although most seasonal fantasy football tournaments offer a range of attractive prizes for the winners, many people simply enjoy playing with their footballing mates and competing for the honour of being the local top manager.

Seasonal fantasy football can be a great way to bring out the football manager and realize your coaching ambitions. Not everyone wants to pay money to enter fantasy tournaments and there are plenty of free seasonal fantasy football providers.

Many people get their first taste of fantasy tournaments by being invited into a mini-league by an enthusiastic friend. Or maybe you’re one of those die-hard fantasy managers who invites all your unsuspecting colleagues into a mini-league where you’ll have them at your mercy?!

Disadvantages of seasonal fantasy football

The biggest challenge facing seasonal fantasy football is clearly the challenge of maintaining interest and motivation for a whole season. This is particularly true when a season gets off to a bad start, many people tend to give up. Unless you have real fighting spirit, it will be difficult to make changes to the team every week to get the most out of the season.

Every manager will have their highs and lows over an entire season. That’s why managing a fantasy team over a full season is always a challenge for any fantasy football manager.

Even managers who have a good season, can be driven to distraction by injuries or unfortunate events in a few matches. Emotions can run high and can certainly give you something to talk about with your mates.

Where can you play fantasy football for an entire season?

The range of Fantasy Manager games is huge. For the Bundesliga we recommend you take a look at The top 5 online fantasy football manager games for the Bundesliga. Traditionally, the Premier League has long been home to the biggest tournaments, and the biggest of them all is, of course, the Fantasy Premier League which is the largest free platform, where over 6 million fantasy managers go to play.

On the other hand, if you are willing to put up a small amount of money, we recommend FanTeam and FantasyBet, each of which offers a season-long Premier League tournament with 100k guaranteed prize money.

Seasonal games like the  Fantasy Premier League Cash Game – 1 Million Euro Gtd. are very popular.

Daily fantasy football is, by contrast, a whole other kettle of fish. Although you may still face bitter setbacks here, you always know that next week is another match day.

Daily Fantasy Football

In principle, daily fantasy football works in the same way as the seasonal game, but the tournaments run for only one game day or few matches. Is daily fantasy football the right option for you? Here are the pros and cons.

Advantages of Daily Fantasy

The daily fantasy football market is growing rapidly and the largest providers are now worth more than $1 billion, while millions of people play fantasy sports daily. The U.S. in particular is very fond of daily fantasy.

This trend is now slowly reaching Europe, where in nations seasonal fantasy football has been played for decades in countries such as England and Italy, wherever football fans get together and let’s not forget Germany where there is also a large community of seasonal fantasy players. In Germany, fantasy football is often called an online manager game.

Some experts believe that in the future, daily fantasy sports could become as big as online poker. The ability to win money regularly is the biggest benefit of daily fantasy football games. Fantasy sports experts can win a lot of money through these games thanks to their skill and knowledge.

The prize pools on offer in daily fantasy tournaments in Europe are getting bigger all the time and the combination of strategy and skill (both of which are crucial) together with the need for a little luck, is what makes the game so exciting for the fans.

As with poker, people have become experts in fantasy sports and have been able to turn their hobby into a job and earn their living with it. Professional fantasy football players are still very rare in Europe, but there are enough fantasy tournaments to count as a nice side hustle.

In the beginners’ training camp you will learn the basic rules of setting up good fantasy teams.

Beginners Training Camp

Disadvantages of daily fantasy football

Many people are interested in daily fantasy football but find it difficult to work out where and how to get started. As with everything, it takes time to develop the knowledge, experience and feel for daily fantasy football.

In consequence, Daily vs Seasonal Fantasy Football has to be answered by you. Try it out!

With daily fantasy football, it is vitally important to analyze the match day thoroughly and to draw up a bank of players with the highest point-scoring potential. Beginners in particular will find it a good idea to use ready-prepared match analysis and previews so that you can concentrate your energy on your line-up.

For those who want instant results without any long-term commitment, daily fantasy football is the right choice. For those who love to get things just right and football fans who want to dig deep into strategies, seasonal fantasy football is a better option.

Try seasonal and daily fantasy football

The great thing about fantasy sports is that there is so much choice that everyone can decide for themselves which variation(s) they want to try out. So why not just try both seasonal and daily fantasy football?

Daily fantasy football offers short-term fun and no lengthy commitments, but can not match the thrill and satisfaction of successfully maneuvering a fantasy team through an entire season.

Daily fantasy football is certainly a great alternative to seasonal fantasy football – but there’s room for both in the big world of fantasy sports. As so often applies here, you need to suck it and see what works for you!

This was the post Daily vs Seasonal Fantasy Football. Have fun with fantasy football!

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