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How to get Fantasy Football Bonus offers

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the provider sites and the ways in which you can get this fantastic fantasy football bonus, how to find the best fantasy football strategy for you and much more.

Get your Fantasy Football Bonus

Here at 11Heroes, we not only want to give you the best strategies and the hottest tips for your football team, but also to make sure that you don’t miss out on the chance of a juicy fantasy football bonus promotion, which many providers will offer when you register and deposit. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the provider sites and the ways in which you can get this fantastic fantasy football bonus, how to find the best fantasy football strategy for you and much more.

What Is a Fantasy Football Bonus?

Our team is not just passionate about fantasy football in general, but also about making sure that future fantasy football managers get a whole load of knowledge and tips in a succinct and convenient format, to get them on their way and thus enable you to climb right to the top of the fantasy football rankings.

Perhaps the term bonus will be new to some players. In fact, in the gaming and betting sector it is very common to give bonuses to the player community in response to certain actions. For example, bonuses are given for the first registration, for the first deposit or for playing regularly. In the latter case, the bonus usually takes the form of so-called loyalty points, which reward those players who are loyal to their provider and are particularly active on the site.

Fantasy Football Bonuses

A fantasy football bonus can be credited in very different way. The most popular way is probably the real money bonus, in which the players have a certain amount of credit applied to their account, which they can either invest in other games or withdraw after a certain time and under certain conditions. Frequently the real money bonus varies very strongly according to the provider and is also dependent on the amount of the deposit.

Learn more about the bonus offers from fantasy football providers


When, for example, a provider offers a 100% fantasy football bonus, it means that players will receive a bonus equal to the amount of their deposit. If player X adds €150 to their player account and the provider offers a 100% bonus, they will be credited with another €150 as game credits. With a 50% bonus, half of the €150, that is, €75 would be credited to the account as a bonus.

Deposit Bonuses

Often such bonuses are also staggered and increase according to the amount of the deposit, for example, there may be a 150% bonus up to a maximum of €200 on a deposit of up to €500 then a 200% bonus and so on. In addition, bonuses are often given in the form of entry into freerolls, which presumably requires no further explanation and can also be very exciting and significant. If you are interested in fantasy football, then the 11Heroes’ team recommends that you inform yourself in advance as to which portals offer you what bonuses. If you read this article thoroughly, then you should get off to a good start.

Where Can I Get a Fantasy Football Bonus?

You can get a fantasy football bonus from, among other places, FantasyBet and FanTeam, which are both very popular and renowned providers. FantasyBet of course wants to extend a warm welcome to its new members and therefore is far from stingy with its fantasy football bonus. At the moment, this provider is offering a free ticket for the very popular Grand Weekend tournament, where a prize pool of £1,000 awaits you. To get the ticket, you must first register at FantasyBet. Apply the bonus code with your registration and you will promptly be credited with a free ticket for the popular Grand Weekend tournament.

Don’t Hang About

In order to participate in the league with the ticket, you need to register for the tournament within 48 hours of receiving the ticket, otherwise your free ticket will be forfeited. We think this bonus is very exciting, as it gives the newly-registered players the opportunity to try out fantasy football for real without having to put any of their own money on the line. As with any bonus, there are, of course, certain conditions which you must fulfil in order to use it. In particular, there is the aforementioned condition that you need to register for the tournament within two days.

Additionally, you will need to earn an amount of rake equal to the amount of your first deposit before you can cash out your winnings and spend your money on the finer things in life. These conditions are totally and we feel think that they are reasonable and fair.

Up to 200% Bonus

The welcome treat, which awaits you at FanTeam, can only be described as generous. This is the classic and very popular deposit bonus, where you can get a fantasy football bonus of up to 200% on your first deposit with the provider. This means that if you make an initial deposit of €200, you will be credited with double this sum, that is to say €400. The bonus is particularly appealing, since it gives players a wide open choice of the tournaments in which they wish to start their management career.

How to get your bonus on Fanteam

Get Started with Plenty of Capital

With a decent starting budget, you can start to gain experience and making use of the bonus credit is a pain-free way to go about this. To activate this fantasy football bonus, simply click on the FanTeam banner on our website. You already qualify for the bonus. The portal gives detailed instructions on what you need to do to get the bonus. Overall, we consider this bonus offer as very generous. The bonus conditions are both understandable and fair.

Fantasy Football Guide

The Steps to your Fantasy Football Bonus

Basically, the steps you have to complete to receive your Fantasy Football Bonus Promotion are usually very similar, regardless of the provider you use to register and play.

Simple Registration

If you have thought through the various pros and cons and decided on a suitable provider, your next step is to complete the registration. For this you usually only have to find the relevant button, which is usually labelled either “Sign up” or “Register”. The button is always very conspicuous, so you can hardly miss it. Afterwards the providers will lead you through the registration. You must first enter a valid e-mail address and your key contact details such as your first name, family name, and address.

A Secure Password

You will always be asked to create a password to use to log in to the portal. Choose one which you can easily remember, but which is also safe. Safe means you should not just take your date of birth or your name. Instead, create mixture of letters and numbers, some providers even allow special characters. Write down your password for security, so you never really forget it. Using mnemonics can also help to ensure that you never forget your password.

How to get Fantasy Football Bonus offers

Entering the Bonus Code

Please note that some providers also have a field for entering a fantasy football bonus code. Once you have completed the registration and entered the bonus code, you may be required to make deposit into your player account in order to access your bonus money. In addition to this, making your first deposit is a sensible step after your registration, because otherwise you will probably not be able to participate in any tournaments. This is because almost all fantasy football tournaments require entrants to pay a fee to participate.

The prize money for the winner is based on the amount of fees collected and is then distributed to him or her. So making a deposit is the next step. Choose an amount that lets you get to sleep at night, but which is also high enough for you to be able to join a few more leagues right away. Otherwise you will need to spend your time reloading your credit between tournaments.

Fantasy Football Deposit and Cash Out Methods

Just as the existing fantasy football providers are all different from each other, so there are also often differences between the payment services, which are available to the users for deposits and disbursements. Neteller and Skrill are popular services, which we at 11Heroes would like to recommend to you. Often, however, vendors offer even more alternatives, from which you can then choose according to your needs.

The various services may, for example, differ according to whether and, if so, to what extent fees are charged, how long it takes for a payment to be processed and/or minimum/maximum deposit and cash-out levels. Check out your options beforehand, you can always choose the service which best suits your current needs. Once you have successfully placed money into your account, you should be credited with your fantasy football bonus.

The Payout

You will usually have to meet some conditions in order to receive your fantasy football bonus. These conditions may vary by provider. The experiences of our 11 Heroes team has been that most conditions are fair and easy to understand. One of the most important fantasy football tips is therefore to deal with these prerequisites quickly. Then you won’t be left wondering why you haven’t receive the bonus you expected.

What Is the Best Fantasy Football Strategy?

In addition to the fantasy football bonus, which you should definitely activate, there are some more fantasy football tips which we at 11Heroes would like to give you to help you on your way. Once you are aware of our tips, it is not unlikely that you will soon be heading to the top of the fantasy football rankings. One of the most important tips for a successful career as a fantasy football manager career to stay informed. Many players of fantasy football in the UK massively underestimate this point. It is true that fantasy football does have an element of luck you should should still make a point of keeping your eye on the ball when it comes to what is happening in football. How Fantasy Football Works

Look at the Bigger Picture

Always keep your eyes and ears open for the latest news about your players. This is the only way to react quickly to events and to minimize risks. On the 11Heroes site, we provide you with a lot of helpful information. This helps you to build the best possible squad and to rework it over and over again. But it can also be worthwhile to look outside the box. Do your research and stay alert, so you can lead your team to success as fantasy football manager. This brings us to the next important point, which you should consider when playing fantasy football in the UK.

Learn Fantasy Football Strategy

Make Good Use of your Time

The time windows during which you can revise your team can be of different sizes depending on what provider you use and/or on the league in which you enter your team to compete against your opponents. Therefore, you should always keep in mind how long you have to make changes to your team. In some leagues this is possible (almost) right up until the starting whistle blows, other tournaments close the time window earlier. If you always know how much time is left, you will not miss any changes. You won’t have to worry about the fact that you did not replace Player X in time. We want to give you another tip. This will help you develop your fantasy football strategy.

Spread your Risk

What does this mean? Risk management is indispensable if you want to be successful in the long term and to top the fantasy football rankings. After all, at the end of the day you can’t influence what happens to football players in real life. There may be injuries or absences for countless reasons. So what do we mean by spread your risk? We mean that you should not blow your whole player account on one tournament. You should still be able to play on after a defeat. In other words you need to be able to enter a new tournament. So you can quickly make up for your loss.

Learn how to beome a good Fantasy Football Manager

What Else?

Our team at 11Heroes hope that this article has given you a good overview of fantasy football and specifically about where and how to get a fantasy football bonus and also how to make best use of it in your career in fantasy football in the UK. Choosing the right supplier is not always easy. But a look at the bonus conditions can make this decision easier. The subsequent registration and deposit is amazingly simple and should also even inexperienced players will be able to complete it quickly. With a juicy Fantasy Football Bonus Promotion in your pocket, playing is more fun. If you pay attention to our fantasy football tips, you will be working constantly on yourself and your team and before you know it you will be successful in fantasy football in the UK and having lots of fun as well.

Learn Fantasy Football – the Right Way

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