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Anyone can play fantasy football. This and other similar off-the-cuff claims are often heard in the context of the popular on-line game and come from people who have never heard of fantasy football strategy. In principle, it is, however, true that fantasy football is ultimately a game which can be played by different people with different levels of experience, because it is easy to understand and accessible to everyone on the net.

Why do you need a fantasy football strategy?

However, it is by no means an urban myth that different players have different levels of success as fantasy football managers. In fact this is a fact which can clearly be seen with a look at where different, competing, manager generally stand in the fantasy football rankings.


The reason is obvious. Some players create their teams based on their own whims and fancies, perhaps think about the decisions their best friends have taken. Other players, by contrast, take the time to inform themselves through the in-depth study of various fantasy football tips, statistics and news and use this information to create a sophisticated fantasy football strategy. They then follow this strategy conscientiously about the season. Now guess which managers are more successful…
Yes, of course you can get lucky, maybe even several times in a row. Our experience at 11Heroes, however, has taught us that even a long lucky streak ends somewhere, and at the end of the day, winning fantasy football managers are the people who have used a fantasy football strategy.

Stick to your fantasy football strategy

Therefore, in this article we have compiled all the knowledge you need. You can use this to boost your standing in the fantasy football rankings and to turn it into your own fantasy football strategy.

Fantasy football – a brief explanation

Maybe you stumbled across this article by chance. Now you’re ask yourself why everyone’s talking about fantasy football all the time. Just take a deep breath and read this paragraph and we’ll give you a short and simple explanation of the fantastic world of fantasy football.
For many players, fantasy football in the UK is a relatively new concept and that is actually no wonder, because this trend has only just started spreading across the Atlantic from the USA to us. In the States, the on-line game is one of the most popular leisure activities there is and everyone talks about it. The game attracts people as players have a great chance of making a profit and also have lots of fun as the community is very active and dedicated, plus there is often the chance of a lush fantasy football bonus.

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Gigantic fantasy football winnings

Ultimately this is a game where players (managers) have a limited budget to use to put together a football team. These teams are then entered into tournaments to compete against the teams created by other fantasy football managers.
Fantasy sports also covers other sports such as basketball, American football or baseball and is very popular in the USA. But if you ask anybody in the UK what their favourite sport is, the chances are they will answer “football”. This is why fantasy football is gradually increasing in popularity in the UK.

Different fantasy football leagues

In order to participate in a league, which is to say in a tournament, players almost always have to deposit sum of money for them to be able to “buy themselves in”. The winner will then receive the sum of all participation fees as prize money.
As a manager, you challenge is to equip your team with the best players while avoiding overstretching your budget.
Putting together the right line up means that as a future team manager you need to learn and follow the right fantasy football strategy.

The most important rules

Even if you don’t need a degree in fantasy football, as we’ve already said, there’s a lot of fantasy football strategy out there and you do need well-founded knowledge about the most important rules of this game to be successful in the long run. Our professional team at 11Heroes is here to explain the most important rules of the game to you.

Putting your team together

To create the perfect team for your league, you need to find the best players. This involves much more than just gut feeling, you also need a lot of knowledge and reliable, up-to-date news. Remember, you and your competitors will be starting on an equal footing, you will both have the same staring budget to put together a good team.
One of the most helpful fantasy football tips is to be sure to keep this budget in mind. In addition, you should look for the players who offer the most expected value and are reliable in terms of bringing in points. It isn’t always the biggest stars in football who bring you success. Sometimes there are real insider tips, many of whom will be unknown to a lot of your competitors. Here’s where you can accept a little bit of risk.

Buying Players

When creating your team, your first step is to take a look at the list of available footballers. You then use your starting budget to buy your team. Of course, you should only create one team per manager. You only have a fixed budget available to create your team which, as a minimum, should include a goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders and strikers.

Send players into the game

Now that you have created your squad, your next step is to choose your line-up. They then start the game for you. Logically, you have to consider which players are best suited to which position. You can not, of course, use a goalkeeper as a striker, nor can you put a defender up front. The players you choose for your starting line-up are also the ones you can get points for afterwards.

The A to Z of setting up teams

Setting up teams is usually what sets experienced players apart from newcomers.
If you have a good fantasy football strategy for your line-up, then you have a head start on the competition. Our team at 11Heroes has therefore taken the trouble to compile the most important tips for fantasy football. In addition, you can find a short summary of everything you need to know about a good fantasy football strategy for setting up your team in the following paragraph.

The formation

First of all, it is important for you to know that you can determine the formation of your team within certain limits. This means, for example, that the number of individual player positions is limited. These limits are generally very logical, for example you cannot send four goalkeeper into the game. However, you can make decisions about how many players should be in your defence. In order to arrive at the right conclusion, we recommend that you inform yourself in advance and to collect a lot of data.

Knowledge is power

Your decisions may be influenced by which teams are compete against each other or what kind of game these teams prefer to play. They can, for example, be either very offensive or be more consistent in their defence. Here is a fantasy football tip which you should remember as you progress as a manager. You should check your formation on every new match day and if necessary correct it. This is a fantasy football strategy which can literally pay half your winnings.

Fantasy football tip

While we’re on the subject, we’d like to give you another of our fantasy football tips. Some fantasy football managers are convinced that they can buy their way to guaranteed success by using many players in the attack. This can sometimes be correct, since a well-developed attack squad usually provides for goals. Nevertheless, you should never underestimate the defence and the midfield, both of which are of major importance in a team’s success. When a player from one of these positions scores a goal, it provides a whole heap of extra points for you.

Goals, goals, goals

This fantasy football strategy should not be underestimated. If you are able to choose players in your team who are, for example, strong in a penalty shoot-out, you have already taken an important step in game preparation. Likewise players who are known for good corners and who can therefore prepare goals, should definitely get a place in your team. Free kicks are also not to be underestimated as a success factor for a match. Look for shooters who have shown merciless success in the past.

The midfield

Anyone who does not want to spend their money on a good midfielder in his fantasy football strategy, is beyond the help of 11Heroes because this point is at least as important as the choice of good strikers. You cannot go far wrong when you choose attacking midfielders, since you score more points for goals or prepared goals. In addition, the statistics show that the defending midfielders get more yellow or even red cards, which again means a drain on your points.
As a fantasy football strategy for the midfield, please note that as a manager, if you have to choose between a defensive and an offensive midfielder, you generally can’t go too far wrong with an offensive one.

An insider tip

With this in mind, there is another trick from our database of fantasy football tips. There are some fantasy football providers where the list of player positions is different to the ones used in the actual real-life game. For example, player Max Meier is listed as a striker, but in real-life games, he is used as a midfielder. Since points are allocated according to how the player is listed on the various sites, you can gain a huge advantage in this way, if you know where a player is listed as having a different position from the one he actually holds and put this fact to work in your team.

A valuable fantasy football strategy – it’s all in the mixture

Our 11Heroes team is convinced that this fantasy football strategy is so important it can make the difference between success and failure. The manager must make sure that there is a kind of harmony between the players in of each team. How does this work?
We’ll illustrate our point with an example: Team X will play Team Y on a certain match day. You have three players in your team from Team X’s defence and three players from Team Y’s offence.

A balanced team

The problem facing you is simply that regardless of which team wins or whether it’s a draw, the points you get for your fantasy players will most likely be balanced and so all the effort and financial resources you put into the selection were spent in vain, since you will probably collect zero or at least very few points. This is the way to slide quickly down the fantasy football rankings.
Long story, short – the players in your team must work together. This is the best fantasy football strategy for those who want to get ahead.

Oh, Captain, my captain

If you have been paying attention to the scoring system used by your fantasy football provider in the UK, you may have noticed that the captain of a team always scores double points and thus obviously plays a hugely important role in your team. So, when choosing your captain, be careful to choose a player who has played reliably and well in the past, is physically fit, and, if possible, an offensive player, who will score goals.

Avoid cards

It is important, however, that he does not play so aggressively that he often gets yellow or red cards, since his minus points will have a double negative effect on your result.
It goes without saying that such a team captain is not necessarily a cheap player. It can therefore be a sensible fantasy football strategy to make some financial concessions with the other players, in order to get a powerful captain into the team.

Make clear decisions

When it comes to captain’s there are often two schools of thought. Of course there are players, which are chosen by many team managers. These are often “safe bets”. But it can sometimes also be useful to play an “insider tip” as captain, someone who’s likely to be overlooked by most people. The risk can then pay off hugely if this player puts in a good performances in their game. In this way, you can move past your competitors in the fantasy football rankings. This fantasy football strategy is most useful in “winner take all” tournaments. On the other hand, if there is a smaller number of players in a competition, it can also make sense to rely on an experienced and popular captain to minimise risk.


Here at 11Heroes, we are convinced that it is worth trying out fantasy football in the UK. Not only can you join a lively, motivated community and have a lot of fun, but at many vendors you can also get a fantasy football bonus upon your registration and by applying our fantasy football tips, you too can become a successful manager, make your way up the rankings and win lots of money.
Try out our different tricks to develop a good fantasy football strategy and discover how quickly you can be successful with a bit of background knowledge and a watchful eye on fantasy football.

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