How to play Fantasy Counter Strike – Fanteam Scoring System

Learn how to play Fantasy Counter Strike. This post presents you the Fanteam Scoring System for Fantasy CS-Go tournaments.

Learn how to play Fantasy Counter Strike with a detailed look on the Fanteam Scoring System for CS:GO.

Fantasy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counterstrike and especially CS-GO are incredibile popular e-sports. Fantasy Counter Strike has incredible growth rates and the prize pools are growing very quickly. Time to start with Fantasy Counterstrike. Here is how it goes.

Make sure to always check the latest updates in the Fanteam Support Center.

How to play Fantasy Counter Strike

CS:GO Game Modes on Fanteam

  • Full squad: 5 players. This format can be used for tournaments with two matches or more. In this format there is no captain.
  • Pursuit: This format uses the principles of Pursuit as we know them from football. If you save money by buying cheaper players, you will be awarded bonus points when the tournament starts. Also, your Captain will cost double, as is normal in Pursuit. The number of players on a team can vary from one tournament to another.

How to play Fantasy Counter Strike

  • Build a squad of 3 players from the 9 Counter Strike – Global Offensive Road to Rio matches in the tournament.
  • Your virtual budget is the price of the 3 most expensive players added up and the price of the most expensive player x2. This allows you to pick every player you want.
  • Every million you leave in the bank will give you 15 bonus points.
  • They are priced for this one upcoming match only.
  • You must select a captain – your captain will earn double points.
    To not disadvantage teams winning 2:0 there is a straight map bonus which doubles the fantasy points of the final map for each player.
  • You can make UNLIMITED transfers and changes on your team until the first matches start on Tuesday.
  • Straight maps bonus (Bo3): 2x Final map points.

How to play Fantasy Counter Strike – Fanteam Scoring System

Fanteam receives points for fantasy cs:go players continuously through live feeds from the stat provider, during and up until right after each match. The points are given based on the player’s performance in the game, which can generate both positive and negative value.

The stat team will verify all stats directly after the match to ensure the best quality possible before finalizing the points. Their result is official and will only be changed if they are obviously wrong scoring.

The following table is from the Fanteam Support Center.

Fantasy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Points scoring system

Kill *3 points
Headshot Kill *3.5 points
Knife Kill *7 points
Grenade Kill *5 points
Team Kill *-5 points
Entry Kill **1 point
Quad **3 points
Ace **5 points
Death-1 points
Assist ***1 point
Flash Assist ***1 point
1v1 Clutch ****1 point
1v2 Clutch ****2 points
1v3 Clutch ****3 points
1v4 Clutch ****4 points
1v5 Clutch ****5 points
Bomb Planted *****1 point
Bomb defused ******1 point
Bo3: Straight maps bonusFinal map 2x
Bo5: Straight maps bonusFinal map 3x
Bo5: Losing only one map bonusFinal map 2x

Fanteam Scoring System explained

  • *) We have 4 types of Enemy kills in our fantasy scoring: Headshot Kill, Knife Kill, Grenade kill and Kill (all the other kills that don’t match the other 3 categories). Team Kill does not have the types – it does not matter if it was a knife Team Kill or a Headshot Team Kill, equal points are awarded.
  • **) Entry kill is the first kill of the round. Quad – a player kills 4 enemies in a round, Ace – a player kills 5 enemies in a round. Points for these events are added on top of Enemy kills. Both Quad and Ace points can not be awarded in the same round – it is either Quad or Ace.
  • ***) Assist is given if a player deals at least 41 damage and the enemy dies afterwards in any way. There can only be one Assist per Kill, so if two players dealt the same amount of damage, the first one to deal the damage gets the Assist.
  • Flash assist case: Player A throws a flashbang grenade and blinds an enemy. Player B kills the enemy while he is blind. Player A then gets a Flash assist.
  • ****) The player receiving points for this is the last man alive on his team, playing anywhere from 1 to 5 enemies. To get the points he must win the round. It does not matter if he kills the enemy, or wins through defusing/exploding the bomb.
  • *****) Only the player who planted the bomb gets the point.
  • ******) Only the player who defused the bomb gets the point.

Where to watch CS:GO tournaments

Watch your favorite CS:GO tournament on stream.

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