Play (and win) in Daily Fantasy Football

Daily Fantasy Football is an online competition in which players put together their own fantasy team and play against each other.

In this article, you’ll learn how to Play (and win) in Daily Fantasy Football. You’ll learn how to try this exciting manager game for free, how to draft a Daily Fantasy football team and play in a tournament.

Football fans and sports bettors certainly heard of Fantasy Esports. If you’re not quite sure what that means, learn how to play Daily Fantasy with this post.

What is Daily Fantasy Football?

Daily Fantasy Football Tournaments are an online competition in which contestants put together their own fantasy team. You select from a list of professional players from teams that compete for the Championship in the major football leagues.

Your task is to select the players for your fantasy team.

Daily Fantasy Rules

The rules for Daily Fantasy Football. You have to select 11 players for your team (and sometimes substitutes).

  • Each participant starts with a fixed budget.
  • Each player has a purchase value.
  • The better the player, the higher the costs.
  • The total cost of the team line-up must be within your budget.

In fantasy sports, you need to put together the best possible team for a sport with limited-budget.

The line-up of a fantasy team is called draft. After that, it is necessary to compete with your own team in different leagues. In these tournaments, honour or money is won by the best and successful team.

Daily and Seasonal Fantasy

There are two types of tournaments

  • Daily Fantasy Football Is played on a Game Day
  • Seasonal Fantasy Football is played over a whole season

Daily vs Seasonal Fantasy Football Explained

Seasonal games like the Fantasy Premier League or the Fantasy Premier League Cash Game – 1 Million Euro Gtd. are very popular.

Daily Fantasy Football Scoring System

When league games begin, players in the teams receive points based on the actions they perform in the game. Players of each fantasy team receive points for their actions in the real games,according to established rules.

How does the scoring points work?

The player with the most points wins the tournament. But how are the points awarded? You may know games where footballers are awarded grades by magazines or reporters. However, these notes are largely based on a subjective impression.


In fantasy football, only the real measurable performances of the players count. For example, how many goals he has scored or how many assists he has given. The complete list of all rated promotions differs depending on the fantasy football provider.

There are advantages for successful actions such as goals scored on all platforms. However, there are also minus points for yellow and red cards,or even caused penalties. Defenders and goalkeepers who keep a clean sheet get similar scores to a striker who scores a goal.

In order to play (and win) in Daily Fantasy Football, you should study the scoring rules and adapt your draft accordingly.

The complete list of how players score points can be found on the competition page.

Fanteam’s points rules, for example, look like this.

Tournaments and rules

All Daily Fantasy Football Tournaments have general rules that you can find in the tournament information.

The rules provide information on the following important information:

  • How long does the tournament last?
  • What is the price distribution?
  • How many players are you allowed to field per team?
  • Do you set up a captain?
  • Is there a replacement bank?
  • What is your budget to buy players?
  • What are the special rules for the tournament?

Daily Fantasy Football also plays for real money. If you want to get started you need a bankroll.

However, there are many ways in which you can play free fantasy tournaments.

Play Daily Fantasy for Free

Are you interested in Daily Fantasy Football? One of the most important tips we can give you:


Try it for free!

There are promotions and bonuses for all players and especially newcomers should take advantage of these offers.

Find an overview of current promotions

However, there is another way you can play for free.

Daily Fantasy Football Freerolls

Every provider wants to give you the chance to test their offer without risking your own money. That is why there are the so-called freerolls.

Freerolls are Daily Fantasy tournaments without buy-in. Often there are still small sums of money to be won in these tournaments.

So freerolls allow you to demonstrate your skills as a Daily Fantasy Manager. With a little luck, you’ll build a bankroll without risk.

Where can you play (and win) Daily Fantasy?

After we have clarified all the basics, we go through the vendors that offer Daily Fantasy Football tournaments.

At the time of writing, there are many websites that offer Daily Fantasy Football.

Our recommendations are mainly based on the beginner’s friendliness and the free offers for beginners.

DraftKings is probably the largest provider, there are also various other sports. However, we recommend DraftKings Fantasy only to a limited extent.

There is a lack of really lucrative entry offers and the tournaments are massively inundated with fantasy professionals from the USA. Winning is not impossible, but the competition makes it really difficult for you!

In Europe, fan team is for me the very clear number 1.

There is an excellent software, various tournament formats and interesting prize pools for all bankrolls, which even often have an overlay!

What everyone should know about overlays in fantasy football tournaments

And the best thing about Fanteam is the free tournament ticket and the numerous freerolls in which you can participate for free.

Just try it!

Daily Fantasy Football Tips

Finally, I’ll give you the following tips along the way to help you play and win in Daily Fantasy.

  • Beginner Camp: The first steps in learning Daily Fantasy Football are best done in our beginner camp. We’ve developed this course to help you get started and give you the most important tips and tricks to have more fun with Daily Fantasy football and to put up good teams right from the start.
  • Matchday Preparation: The basic prerequisite for success in Daily Fantasy Football is a thorough analysis. Before you create your team, you need to be aware of which players and teams have a good chance of scoring on the upcoming match day.
  • Learn how to pick the best players on your team, improve your results, and develop your Daily Fantasy Skills in the 6 Killer Tips for Daily Fantasy Sports.

That’s it with my post Play (and win) in Daily Fantasy football.

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I look forward to your feedback and comments. Don’t forget to visit our community!


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