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The 3 best Surebet scanners for profitable betting

In “The 3 best Surebet Scanners” you will learn how to find the best Surebet Sportsbook providers with dedicated software scanners.

How do you find Surebets?

Finding Surebets is time consuming. Thousands of bookmakers and millions of bets a day. Who’s going to know what’s going on?

If you are looking for good Surebets and you want to spend less time: read on and see the 3 best Surebet tools for profitable betting. You will find Surebets in no time.

Understanding Red Pill by Hyper RPG
Understanding Red Pill by Hyper RPG. Picture by hyperrpg on Giphy.

Surebet scanners help you find the best bets and place them easily.

What are Surebet scanners?

Surebet Scanners are software programs or web apps that scan sportsbook portals for the best Surebet bets and compare odds. They also help you to place your bets easily. Finding Surebets will be a lot easier.

The 3 best Surebet scanners

Here you can find my top 3 of the best Surebet scanners!

  1. Betburger
  2. Oddstorm
  3. Rebelbetting

1st place: Betburger

Over the last few years, Betburger has been able to establish itself as the number 1 in Surebet scanners. Despite strong competition, Betburger continues to develop new features that make Surebetting much more enjoyable.

They now scan Surebets every second from more than 100 bookmakers in all available markets and have more than 70 000 active users. They offer both Prematch and Live Surebets, which further increases the number of daily Surebet opportunities. Find the best Surebets with BetBurger


  • user-friendly interface
  • Huge number of daily surbets
  • more than 100 bookmakers
  • Odds updates every second (!)
  • WebApp and Software Client
  • regularly new features
  • Prematch and Live Surebets



  • something could always be found


One of the best features of Betburger is the “Arb Helper“. With the Arb Helper, all you have to do is enter your desired stake at the displayed Surebet and click continue. You will then be directed to the pages of the bookmakers, log in and click on Place Bet.

BetBurger | Arbs service

The bet is automatically selected by the Arb Helper with the previously selected stake. The interface is relatively simple and beginner-friendly. So even a beginner should have no problem to find his way around quickly.

You can choose between 3 packages, also with different duration. Compare the Sure- and Valuebet offers on Betburger.

Second place Oddstorm

For more than 10 years in business OddsStorm convinces with outstanding customer service as well as a very solid software. OddsStorm offers both a web app and a software client for download.

Even on weekends, where the tools are used with normal high frequency, the software runs stable. With the number of bookmakers they cannot keep up with Betburger. Nevertheless they offer more than 60 bookmakers.

Surebettools Oddsstorm Interface-min


  • outstanding customer service
  • 24/7 support
  • more than 60 bookmakers
  • very solid and stable software
  • WebApp and Software Client
  • great Pro Features


  • Interface not too beginner-friendly (is rather aimed at advanced and professional users)

Oddsstorm is a Surebet scanner that is more suitable for advanced users. The surface could overstrain and deter beginners. But the platform for professionals offers some great features.

Oddstorm also offers 24/7 support for paid members. There you can ask questions to the support 24/7. So far I have always made great experiences with it.

Oddsstom offers 2 versions.

  • VIP version, which is sufficient for 95% of the Surebetter.
  • VIP Plus Version. This costs much more and is only recommended for Full Time Surebetter.

Learn more about Oddstorm

200×200 Transparent

3rd place: Rebelbetting

Rebelbetting has been on the market since 2007 under the motto “Turn gambling into investing”. Since then, they have been able to win over 125,000 users.

Rebelbetting is also the only provider that gives you a 100% money back guarantee. Rebelbetting only offers a software client. So they do not offer a web app. The software looks like this.

surebettools rebelbetting interface-min


  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Beginner-friendly
  • easy operation
  • Bet Feature (like the Arb Helper)


  • only Software Client, no WebApp

It is relatively easy to understand and use, even for beginners. Recently, a feature similar to the “Arb Helper” from Betburger was also added. Which makes your work much easier.

Go To Rebelbetting and click here

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