Basics of a Surebet strategy

In ‘Basics of a Surebet Strategy’ we will discuss the requirements of a good Surebet strategy. Learn the pros and cons, the basics and what you need to know to succeed.

In ‘Basics of a Surebet Strategy’ we will discuss the requirements of a good Surebet strategy. Learn the pros and cons, the basics and what you need to know to succeed.

Advantages of Surebets

  • Beginner-friendly
  • A good way to build a bankroll
  • There must be almos
  • no knowledge
  • Variance-free
  • Good entry into sports betting
  • Immediate achievements
  • Motivating

Disadvantages and problems

  • Limitations of bookmakers
  • Odds change too fast
  • Technical problems

The basics of a Surebet strategy

One of the main requirements of a Surebet strategy is to have accounts with many bookmakers. This is the only way to maximize your opportunities to take advantage of the Surebets.

Of course, you will also need a bankroll (aka capital) on the pages everywhere. So that you can set the surrebets as quickly as possible.

Speed is of the essence here. Because you are not the only ones who want to earn money with it.

Paid pay day
Paid pay day. Source: Giphy.

The 3 best Surebet scanners for profitable betting

These are the basics of a Surebet strategy you need to keep in mind

Sometimes you will be offered a 3-way Surebet for example, but watch out! If two of the odds come from the same bookmaker, you should rather not place the Surebet. This makes it easier for bookmakers to recognize that you are a Surebetter and they limit you much faster.

One of the other important points: Don’t bet big. Try betting even money, for example 550€ instead of 548.97. You might ask yourself why?

Super science friends by Cartoon Hangover
Super science friends by Cartoon Hangover. Picture by cartoonhangover on Giphy.

Very simple: normally the casual sports bettor sets even amounts. Crooked amounts are just not the normal case. This way the bookie can see much quicker that you’re surebetting.

The most common beginner’s mistake, however, is not to know the bookmakers’ terms and conditions. A very good example is a tennis game. What happens if the game is abandoned? This happens quite often in tennis. You have to pay attention to the terms and conditions of the respective bookmakers.

There are bookmakers who cancel the bet completely. Some require the first ball to be played, others require the first set to be completed or the second set to be completed. Some bookmakers will only settle the bet if the match is completed correctly.

As you can see, there are a few small stumbling blocks here too. The same is true for all other sports.

Surebets for a living?

Many online strategies show examples of how you can make 4000€ with Surebets longterm. But what is simply not true, at most on paper.

It is guaranteed to build a nice bankroll (in combination with Bonus Hunting).

Longterm, however, you should still deal with a league and generate an edge there.

You can see how to use Surebets in combination with Bonus Hunting in our continuing article.

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