A good fantasy manager keeps an eye on the injured and suspended players in La Liga. Improve your La Liga Fantasy Teams and get your draft right.

Injured list La Liga – Injuries and Suspensions

The La Liga injured list is an enormously helpful tool for every fantasy manager. Logically, fantasy football always involves the players who are actually on the field. However, an often overlooked aspect of the Fantasy La Liga is finding out who is not actually going to play.

While many fantasy managers are looking for match winners for their drafts to increase their chances of winning, it can be just as rewarding to exclude some players in advance. The injured list helps you to get an overview of both injuries and suspensions.

Therefore, as a service to the community, 11Heroes has put together a list of specialized providers who support fantasy managers and always have the latest list of injuries for La Liga.

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 The best La Liga Injured Lists

So it’s always worth taking a look at the La Liga’s current list of injuries and suspensions to see who a team can not call up for the next game. We recommend the following injury list for the La Liga.

  • Injured List on futbol fantasy: The site also has a good and regularly-updated injury list for La Liga (the website is in spanish, but an injured list is no rocket science)
  • Injured List on comuniate: Very nice overview with images and some explanations on the type of injury (this website is in spanish: jugadores lesionados are injured players, jugadores sancionados are suspended players)
  • Injured List on jornada perfecta: My favorite website for La Liga injuries. It provides a nice graphical overview and extensive informations regarding the injury reasons. (again, the site is in spanish)


The benefits of an injured list

A good fantasy manager keeps an eye on the latest injuries and suspensions. The successful performance of your fantasy teams depends on your ability to eliminate all players who will miss games due to an injury or suspension. Here are a few strategic tips on why an injury list improves your lineups.

  • Your team must not lose points because of players being absent through injuries or suspensions.
  • You don’t have to worry about changing your fantasy teams in a rush when the official line-ups appear.
  • You can easily find insider tips: players returning from an injury are often overlooked by other fantasy managers, and you gain a small advantage
  • You can react more quickly to short-term injured players with high ownership and also have an advantage here, especially in big tournaments. See 5 killer tips for big fantasy football tournaments. 5 Killer Tips for Big Fantasy Football Tournaments

These were our tips on how a fantasy manager can use the La Liga injuries list to gain a small advantage in fantasy tournaments.

Have fun with the La Liga fantasy tournaments! I’m look forward to your feedback in the comments. What are your tips for the La Liga and where do you go to learn about current absences?

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