How Fantasy Football Works

To create the optimal team, you have to use the given budget in the best possible way, avoiding unnecessary money. Who is the best player for your team? What formation is best for your team?

How Fantasy Football Works is the topic of this tutorial. In the U.S.A. fantasy sports have long enjoyed great popularity. You can hardly go to a bar or party without coming across enthusiastic fantasy sports players swapping stories about their success as managers or their current fantasy football rankings. Much to our joy, the fantasy football trend has now arrived in the UK and europe.

Hence  this article will tell you everything you need know about fantasy sports in general and fantasy football in particular, including what the rules and what is the best strategy for making your way up the fantasy football rankings.

How Fantasy Football Works

The basic idea behind fantasy sports is that you are a manager with a limited budget to put together the best possible team for a sport – of course, it’s only an imaginary team. Afterwards you pit your team against the competition in various leagues. When it’s played for money, the person with the most successful team takes the prize. Since players from the UK can finally participate in the fantasy sports market and since football is by far the most popular and best-loved sport in the UK, most providers focus on fantasy football.

A foosball table with players wearing red and blue jerseys in Rosebank
A foosball table with players wearing red and blue jerseys in Rosebank. Photo by Mpho Mojapelo on Unsplash.

Fantasy football is also about putting together the best team with a predetermined budget and then competing against teams created by other fantasy football managers.
To participate, each player must pay an entry fee. The players’ contributions are collected in a prize pool and at the end of the game, they are awarded to the best player (s).
Putting together a team is about more than just infamous gut feeling, which does unquestionably play a part, but also requires a good fantasy football strategy. In addition, you should always stay up to date with what is happening, in order to be able to make changes to your team. If you blend all these factors together, you have a good chance of success.

About Fantasy Sports

The defining feature of fantasy sports in general and fantasy football in particular is the team created by you competes in different leagues against the teams created by other fantasy football managers. To create the optimal team, you have to use the given budget in the best possible way, avoiding unnecessary money. Who is the best player for your team? What formation is best for your team? Don’t let yourself be baffled by supposedly miraculous fantasy football tips. Listen to your intuition and pay attention to good fantasy football strategy.

The winner will be the manager whose team shows the best results. We at 11Heroes want you to have a well structured overview of fantasy football in the UK, so that you can achieve maximum success as a fantasy football manager. The basic mechanics of fantasy sports are usually easy to understand. In principle, our explanations are based on fantasy football, since football is still the most popular sport in the UK.

Daily Fantasy Football Tutorial for Beginners

The right fantasy football league

An essential step to success is choosing a suitable league. Once you have registered with the provider of your choice, you can choose which league you want to play in, in other words which tournament is right for you. The leagues differ in many respects. This may make the selection difficult, on the other hand, it does open up a lot of possibilities when it comes to finding the right league for you.

When choosing a suitable fantasy sports league, the following essential points can make all the difference:

  • The game budget which every manager can have
  • The entry fee, which can vary widely (from freerolls to €200)
  • The respective league (for example the Premiere League or the German Bundesliga)
  • The duration of the fantasy football league (some leagues last only one day, others can last several weeks, or until the end of a season)

Depending on which fantasy sport you are following, the selection of the appropriate league will probably depend on the number of players you need to put together your team.

Get a Fantasy Football Bonus

One of the most valuable fantasy football tips we can give you is to stay alert to the opportunity to earn a fantasy football bonus. Many providers of fantasy sports and fantasy football offer a great bonus to entice newly registered players. We want to use this paragraph to explain to you how you can get such a fantasy football bonus.

First of all you need to choose a fantasy football provider.

Once you have found a provider you like, you can start your registration. As a rule, registration is very easy and quick.

Bonus. Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash.

After registering with the provider, you should select the league in which you want to play. Registration for a league is often only possible if you already have a budget in your user account. The reason for this is that almost all tournaments require the participating players to pay a contribution which is then used to form the prize pool and is distributed to the best players at the end of the tournament.

FantasyBet Review: The facts about the bonus, the software and the tournament selection

Fantasy Football Deposits

You can often choose from a variety of payment options to add a decent budget to your manager account. Providers such as FantasyBet, DraftKings or FanTeam offer an attractive fantasy football bonus and additional free money to newly-registered players on the site. You should not miss out on any of these promotions at the start of your career as a fantasy football manager.

Apart from the leagues in which you have to pay a fee in order to be able to play, there are always the famous freerolls in some leagues, where you can play for free, that is to say, without having to pay a buy in. There are always plenty of other interesting offers related to fantasy football, such as free tournament tickets or promotions, where you can recruit friends and be rewarded.
In our 11Heroes “Bonus” section, you can find out more about interesting providers and what they offer as a fantasy football bonus.

How to Earn Points in Fantasy Football

In order to be a professional fantasy football manager, it is most important to know how to budget for your team. How does this work and to what do you need to pay attention? Here at 11Heroes, we’ll try to answer these questions for you. At the end of each game day, the various fantasy sports providers will tally up the performance of all your team members. There is a comprehensive system used for keeping track of the score. The points are always distributed on the basis of the actions which happened in real-life football matches.

Let’s say you chose Thomas Müller and bought him into your team. You score points for Müller when he makes certain actions or moves in a real football match, for example, when he scores a goal or contributes to the game. There are also often points when a player has “only” played an hour in the game or if they have even played at all. The points are generally staggered, which means that there are usually more points for rare or improbable events (like a goal scored by the goalkeeper or a defender or a saved penalty), than for example just participating in the game.

What everyone should know about overlays in fantasy tournaments

Fantasy Football Point Deductions

Of course, your team can also be docked points, for example if one of your players gets a red or yellow cards, if they concede a penalty or even if they score an own goal. The point system applies to all members of your fantasy football team. At the end of each game, the points are then aggregated according to the given system and the manager with the highest score is declared the winner of the round. The profit can generally be cashed out straight away via various payment options.

It may also be the case that the tournament in which you participate lasts longer than one day. In this case, you set up your team for several days. Even though it is often possible to exchange players within the duration of the tournament, there are generally limits on this. For you, this means that you should look as good as you can and use a sensible fantasy football strategy.

Even if the points system is easy to understand, you should always check in advance, which provider uses which point system, since different providers can award a different number of points for the same action. If you use several fantasy football providers, it can therefore make sense to set up different teams for each provider.

Fantasy Football Tips

Of course, there are countless tips and tricks on the net for this popular leisure activity. Apparently they are successful immediately and can be passed on to everyone else. Of course, it’s clear to see that there is no single fantasy football strategy with which absolutely every player can have guaranteed success. If that were the case, there would only be winners in each game, and that is simply impossible.

Of course, fantasy football does have an element of luck. There are, however, some tips and strategies which can help you succeed when setting up your team. We want to suggest a few handy tips to improve your chances and to get you higher up in the fantasy football rankings.

Tip 1: Spread risk

To be a successful team manager over the long run and to keep the game fun, you should spread your risk. Even the best player can have a bad day and must accept defeat. After all, you can have a good strategy and expertise on fantasy football, but if luck is not on your side, it can sometimes be for nothing. Learn more about bankrollmanagement in our beginners camp.

The players are real people and therefore their performance can vary according to factors such as their mood and their situation. You can neither predict nor prevent this.
What can you do to avoid suffering to much from defeat? The first tip of our 11Heroes team is never to use your whole budget for a tournament. This ensures that even if you lose a game, you still have money to play on. So you can build a new, undoubtedly better team. The rule of thumb to remember is to invest at most 5% of your budget in any given tournament.

Tip 2: Rework the team continuously

A player who appeared valuable and promising yesterday, could rupture their cruciate ligament today. If they do, it’s important that you quickly find a viable replacement who complements your team. You can change your team by the start of the first game in your league. You should make the most of this opportunity, after all, unforeseen events can happen which influence the game. The biggest mistake is to decide on a team days before and then stop paying attention. You should always keep track of the latest news and use the time right up until the whistle blows. So you can react to unforeseen events about which you had no knowledge when you set up your first team. The prospective player positions are a good and helpful indication. The closer it is to the start of the game, the more you can usually rely on the information.

Of course, there is no reason to avoid creating a team for your league in advance of the game. On the contrary, it gives you security. You can put the core framework of your team in place and continue to work on it and improve it right up to the beginning of the game. Many sites provide amazingly detailed information about possible missing players and likely player formations. Keep them in mind and react accordingly.

Expert tips can help you with your team drafts

Tip 3: Knowledge is power

Research is one of the aspects of fantasy football which is underestimated by many players. It is actually quite logical. The more you know about how the competing teams are likely to be set up and other circumstances such as the health of the players and their approximate market value, the better you can play. The more accurately and more precisely you can react to this valuable information when you are setting up your team. The essential basis of a successful manager’s career is, therefore, obtaining information.


Fantasy football is more than just an exciting trend. The world of fantasy sports is just opening up in the UK and is extremely promising. If you love football and like to create sophisticated tactics, you will love fantasy football. Find a provider you like and put a good manager budget in your player account, then add the fantasy football tips from 11Heroes. This will set you on your way to becoming the best fantasy football manager you can be and let you celebrate your success with your team.



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