The top 5 online fantasy football manager games for the Bundesliga

Online fantasy football manager games are becoming increasingly popular. Many football fans are already entering their dream team into numerous online tournaments. These fantasy manager games always work the same way. You put together a team using real players in the Bundesliga and compete in tournaments against other fantasy managers.

Do you know the top 5 online fantasy football manager games for the Bundesliga?

Top 5 online fantasy football manager games for the Bundesliga

How many national trainers are there in Germany? What kind of question is that? Of course there is only one Yogi Löw. But surveys have shown that there are at least 80 million football managers in Germany. Most football fans consider themselves to be a part of the national coaching team.

So what could be better than proving your own managerial qualities in online competitions? Nowadays, there is a wide range of online fantasy football manager games. Try them and put yourself in charge of your own Bundesliga football team!

Here are the top 5 online fantasy football manager games for the Bundesliga. Let’s kick off!

2014 world cup
2014 world cup. Source: Giphy.

The Top 5 Online Fantasy Football Manager Games for the Bundesliga

Online fantasy football manager games are becoming increasingly popular. Many football fans are already entering their dream team into numerous online tournaments. These fantasy manager games always work the same way. You put together a team using real players in the Bundesliga and compete in tournaments against other fantasy managers.

The real-world actions of the players are translated into points for the fantasy manager. Each player is judged or scored based on their real achievements in the real matches. At the end of the tournament, the points are compared and the participant with the highest score wins the tournament.

What is Fantasy Football?

1. The official Bundesliga Fantasy Manager

One of the most popular online manager games is surely the official Bundesliga Fantasy Manager.

Bundesliga Fantasy Manager

  • Languages: German, English, Spanish
  • Mode: Seasonal and Daily
  • Registration: Free, registration required
  • Free tournaments ?: Yes
  • Prizes: Merchandize (tickets, signed t-shirts and balls)
  • Evaluation system: Points
  • App: Yes (Android, iPhone)

This is how the Bundesliga describes its official fantasy manager game:

Build a team of 15 players and select the best players for your starting eleven on each match day. The main prize for the world’s best manager is a visit to the Super Cup including travel! Each player in the game collects points for you to get you in the overall ranking of all managers. Between the match days you can buy and sell players within the transfer window.

In addition, you can start your own managerial league or join another league to compete against your friends. Have fun!

The Fantasy Manager game is played over the whole season, but there is also the possibility to play only single game days. Winners receive merchandize as prizes, both for the season variant and for the game day variant. So you can also enter at any point during the season.

2. The classic: Comunio

Comunio Football Manager has been around since the 2000/2001 season. Since then, the online football platform has had the benefit of a steadily growing community. By 2013 610,000 managers had already played in public and private leagues. The strength of Comunio lies in the active community and the extensive game day discussions in the blog.

Even though the software and the online web interface are getting a bit dated, Comunio still enjoys the loyalty of its members.


  • Languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Greek
  • Mode: Seasonal
  • Registration: Registration required
  • Free tournaments ?: yes, but there are 2 paid offers (Plus Player, Pro Player)
  • Prizes: none
  • Evaluation system: Points
  • App: yes (Android, iPhone)

Comunio describes its online fantasy manager games as follows:

“At the end of each match day, each real-world football player is allocated a certain number of points, which is calculated by a computer and based on the number of goals scored, cards given, and a rating given by a sports journalist (see Rules) Each player uses their allocated starting capital to try to improve his team through buying and selling players. This not only requires football expertise, but also financial and diplomatic skills, because each football player is only represented once per community and can only be traded with other members of the community and the computer. “

To get to know the complex league system and the available game variants, we recommend the Communio FAQs. Now on to another classic in German football.

3. Kicker Manager Game

Kicker is an Instition in the German football landscape and the Kicker Manager game is also very popular. Last season, 58,803 players in 3212 leagues have played the classic version. There are three variants of the online manager game, each with different rules. All versions are completely free!

A nice feature is that the interface for setting up teams, can be tried out without registration.

Kicker manager game

  • Languages: German
  • Mode: Seasonal, but you can also enter during the season
  • Registration: free, registration required
  • Free tournaments ?: Completely free
  • Prizes: not available
  • Evaluation system: grades
  • App: yes (Android, iPhone)

As is usual with all traditional fantasy manager games, your teams’ rating is based on the players’ rating in Kicker magazine. The basic principle is always the same: Each player receives the same budget at the beginning, in order to put together a team, with which one can then participate in one or more leagues.

In contrast to Comunio and Kickbase, the player prices are static: the players’ prices are fixed before the season and not changed. In the Classic version you cannot make any changes during the season. Your team stays the same all season. With the pro version you can make transfers during the season.

For the football fan who does not have endless time to keep a constant eye on transfer lists or to analyze the match day. the Classic variant of Kicker manager is a good choice.

4. The newbie: Fanteam

In addition to the established triumvirate of online fantasy football manager games for the Bundesliga, you should also take a good look at a very promising newcomer on the scene.

Fanteam is a football manager game for today’s generation of online fantasy managers and its ratings are based entirely on statistics. Your players’ rating can be followed in real time throughout the duration of the tournament.

The nice thing about Fanteam is that it’s  focused on daily fantasy sports plus it has other leagues and sports in its portfolio besides the Bundesliga.


  • Languages: English,
  • Mode: Daily Fantasy
  • Registration: free, registration required
  • Free Tournaments ?: yes
  • Prizes: Cash prizes
  • Evaluation system: Points
  • App: no, web based

The old guard of online fantasy manager games was mainly played for bragging rights. This is not the case at Fanteam!

In addition to the tournaments with an entry fee, there are weekly freeroll tournaments.

Daily Fantasy Football on Fanteam made easy

5. The Kickbase App

Unlike the previously-mentioned online fantasy football Mmanager games, Kickbase has a different concept. The core of the game platform is an app for Android and iPhone. The offer is aimed primarily at young football fans and the marketing is targeted directly at young managers.


Languages: German, English
Mode: Seasonal
Registration: free, registration required, fee Pro version
Free tournaments?: yes
Evaluation system: points
App: yes

Founded in 2013 in Munich, the company was bought by Sky in 2017 and is now the media group’s official Bundesliga management game. With over 1 million downloads and about 200,000 active members, Kickbase is one of Germany’s largest online fantasy manager communities.

Which of the online fantasy football manager games for the Bundesliga is right for you?

Which of the many online fantasy football manager games you choose depends entirely on your preferences. One of the most important decisions is whether you choose the seasonal or daily fantasy format . If you like to spend a whole season working on your team, then you should use one of the “old-school” manager games.

If you are more of a spontaneous type and you just want to play a few tournaments every now and then on a weekend, then the daily fantasy version is just right for you: If you want to know more about the differences between the two types, then read this article Seasonal Fantasy vs. Daily Fantasy Sports .

Another important question is whether you would rather play for bragging rights or for cash prizes . If you like the thrill of playing for real money, then check out bonus offers from online fantasy manager platforms. So you can first test your skill without your having to put up your own money and with a bit of luck, you’ll pick up some real cash earnings.


In our opinion, these are the top 5 fantasy football managers for the Bundesliga. Have you already tried some yourself?

Which is your favourite? Did we forget a football management platform? We look forward to your comments!

Have fun with fantasy football, your 11Heroes team!

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