Set-piece situations supply important points in fantasy tournaments. Every manager should know the current Serie A set-piece takers.

The Top-Five Set-Piece Takers in Serie A

Set-piece situations have always been a threat to the goal. This is particularly true when the dormant ball is played by set-piece experts. In the history of Serie A, there have been two particularly notable set-piece takers, one stands out due the enormous power of his shots, the other by his excellent technique.

You don’t need to be an expert in Serie A to know that I’m talking about the two legends Sinisa Mihajlovic and Andrea Pirlo. Both top the Series A list of all-time set-piece takers, each having 28 goals to their name, putting them both far ahead of well-known stars like Alessandro del Piero (22), Roberto Baggio and Francesco Totti (21 each).

Andrea pirlo
Andrea pirlo. Source: Giphy.

After this little historical excursion now to the current set-piece takers in Serie A.

Set-piece takers Serie A 2021/22

This overview will show you the expected set-piece takers for each team in the 21/22 Serie A. They are based on the experience of past season’s, statistics available online, pre-season friendlies and, in the case of newcomers, the player’s role at his previous club.


Serie A Elfmeterschützen 2021-22


Serie A Freistossschützen 2021-22


Seria A Eckenschützen 2021-22

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