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In this article, we would like to give you a guide on how best to set up your fantasy team for tournaments on Draftkings. To do this, we’ll go through the positions step by step and name the most important criteria for drafting a successful team.

Goalkeeper (GK)

In many respects, the goalkeeper is probably the easiest position to fill. Your goalie gets 5 points for a clean sheet and another 5 points if his team wins. You should therefore make sure you select a goalkeeper who gives you the full 10 points. The easiest way to do this is to read our match day Preview to find out which teams have the highest chance of keeping a clean-sheet and which teams highest chance of winning their game.


The defensive roles are particularly broad and diversely distributed and different types of defender offer different points options.
Like the goalkeeper, your defenders will collect extra points if the team can keep a clean sheet. Specifically, they will earn 3 points. This means that the team’s clean sheet odds are one of the criteria you should check when selecting a defender, rather than just looking at the defensive abilities of a specific player.

Internal Defenders (ID) and External Defenders (ED)

There are basically two different types of defenders. One is the internal defender (ID) and the other is the external defender (ED). Generally speaking, internal defenders stay in the defensive area and are not known for their ability to earn many points in fantasy football on Draftkings. Every now and then it makes sense to nominate an internal defender. For example, you might nominate an internal defender from a team who is known for his ability to use set pieces to create a danger to the goal and if the opponent team which is vulnerable to set pieces, they could score many goals.

External defenders are usually to be preferred

External defenders usually give you more points than internal defenders, but they are also a lot more expensive. In many cases, you score points through crosses, which in turn can become assists to goals, which also gives you points. In some cases, the external defenders are also quite dangerous in the game, and they can take shots on the goal or even score goals.

Midfielders (M)

Basically you can divide the midfielders into two different types of players.

Defensive midfielders

Defensive midfielders are by far the worst midfield option for earning points on Draftkings. This player type stands in front of the defence and is supposed to prevent enemy attacks. Interceptions and winning tackles get you points, but you will never earn as much as with a more aggressive player who crosses a lot and scores goal.

The offensive midfielder

The attacking midfielders offer you many ways to collect points. These players regularly score goals, often shoot from the second row, pass frequently, and in many cases are responsible for set pieces. It’s very important for you to check which players are responsible for which set pieces and this should play a significant role in your decision process when choosing midfielders. Probably the most important point is that the offensive midfielders are usually the kings of the assist and on Draftkings which leads to a goal is rewarded with a generous 6 points.


In our opinion, after the goalkeepers, the strikers are the easiest positions to fill. Keep an eye out for strikers playing in matches where there is a high chance of seeing many goals and also consider the scoring chances of any specific, individual player in your selection. In many cases, the strikers also shoot penalties, which is another aspect in the selection. Whether the player is in good or bad form should also be considered.


Other strategic tactics, such as the pros and cons of block formation, as well as concepts related to the metagame, such as what players most fantasy managers are most likely to pick and which players have the same value, but are used less often, will be covered later in a strategy article for advanced daily fantasy sports players.

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