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Welcome to the Daily Fantasy Football Beginners’ Camp – E-learning Course for starters. The 11Heroes training camp is ideal for anyone who wants to get started in daily fantasy football. In our course, you will learn everything you need to know to have a solid foundation on which to establish good teams.

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Daily Fantasy Football Beginners’ camp – Overview

Fussball. Photo by Bruno Aguirre on Unsplash.

Daily Fantasy Football Basics

After the beginner tips and “how tos”, you’ll learn about bankroll management. This order is no coincidence, as good bankroll management skills are essential in order to avoid losing all your playing budget. Enjoy the game, but be sure to play responsibly. There is comparison of seasonal and daily fantasy football as well as the different types of tournaments, which will help you figure out your preferred fantasy-football variant.

Probabilities – Understanding Odds and basics of game theory for successfull strategies

Daily Fantasy football is like poker, a so-called game of skill with a luck factor. The skill is, put briefly, understanding the probability of certain events and applying this knowledge to the player’s own advantage. The bookmakers play a very important role here, as they use statistical analyses and mathematical models to calculate the probabilities of various events. These probabilities are expressed in terms of odds. If you want to make use of these probabilities for your daily fantasy football teams, then our articles can help.

Line-up – Basic concepts and principles of daily fantasy team drafts

The line-up is the actual core of daily fantasy football, at the end of the day, it’s all about putting up a good team. Everyone should know the basic rules for the formation of the parts of the team. The choice of captain is particularly important.

Daily Fantasy Football Beginners’ camp – Table of content

  1. What is Fantasy Football?
  2. 10 Tips for Newcomers to Daily Fantasy Football
  3. Bankroll management
  4. Seasonal Fantasy vs. Daily Fantasy Football
  5. Tournament Types in Daily Fantasy Football
  6. What Are Sports Betting Odds?
  7. Oh Captain, My Captain – Choosing Your Captain
  8. Lining up Your Defence – The Defensive Block
  9. Lining up Your Offence – No Block
  10. The Procedure for Game-Day Preview and Analysis

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Lesson Preview

1. What is Fantasy Football?

In fantasy football you use the players a competition, for example, a league or a championship, to form a team, which then competes in a tournament against teams created by other participants. In these competitions you can not only play, for example, the English Premier League or the German Bundesliga, but also big tournaments like the European or World Championships.

2. 10 Tips for Newcomers to Daily Fantasy Football

This article covers the basic rules and strategies for Daily Fantasy Football in 10 simple points.

3. Bankroll Management

A bankroll is quite simply the money which you use to play. You should always use only a fraction of your actual playing money on any specific game day. If you have 50 Euros in your account, then you should not of course put everything on one card and play just one expensive tournament. In order to save your bankroll, consider bonus and offers for free starting capital. Start to play in daily fantasy football tournaments without risking your bankroll!

4. Seasonal Fantasy vs. Daily Fantasy Football

Daily fantasy sports emerged from seasonal fantasy sports. As the name suggests, seasonal fantasy refers to an entire season, while daily fantasy generally refers to only one match. Both game formats have their own attractions.

5. Tournament Types in Daily Fantasy Football

The tournament forms in Daily Fantasy Football. Freerolls – a freeroll is the best way for beginners to gain experience, because they are free to enter but there is something to gain! Mostly it is tournament tickets, which give you free entry to chargeable tournaments. But it’s not uncommon for them to have money prizes.

6. What Are Sports Betting Odds?

Bookmakers use mathematical calculation models to determine the probability of certain events. These probabilities are represented in the form of ratios, also called odds. The more improbable event is, the higher the ratio and vice versa. A high ratio means that you get greater multiples for each Euro spent.

7. Oh Captain, My Captain – Choosing Your captain

In every tournament you’ll build your team around a single player. This player doesn’t have to be a star, but basically should be the player with the highest expected value. However, before you choose a player as captain, you have to assess the game day based on three factors.

8. Lining up Your Defence – The Defensive Block

The defensive unit is one of the most important tools in your overall strategy. Given one or two correct predictions, it ensures that you are able to achieve a very solid points base which can often provide the impetus you need to finish ITM (In The Money, reaching the prize spots in a tournament) or even a victory.

9. Lining up Your Offence – No Block

Building blocks is a must in your defensive. Should you aim to build a block of offensive players too? The clear answer here is a definite no. An offensive block will usually cost you important points because your players will each take assists and goals “away” from each other.

10. The Procedure for Game-Day Preview and Analysis

The procedure for game-day preview and analysis, in this article you will learn the basic procedure for building a team on a new match day, the methodology of game-day analysis and game-day preparation. You will also learn how to look at the pairings and the bookmakers’ predictions and how to build your player pool by drawing players from the promising encounters.

Enjoy the daily fantasy football beginners’ camp!

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