DFF Beginners’ Camp: Tournament formats

Daily Fantasy Football Beginners’ Camp: Tournament formats

Daily Fantasy Football tournaments are available in different formats and this fact often requires you to make strategic changes to your lineup. The following overview will teach you the strategies you should use in different kinds of tournaments e.g. Freeroll or DoN.


A freeroll is the best way for beginners to gain experience, because they are free to enter but there is something to gain! Mostly it is tournament tickets, which give you free entry to chargeable tournaments. But it’s not uncommon for them to have money prizes.

Bonus Offers


In a heads-up there are only two players who face off in direct competition with each other. The one with the highest score wins the pot. The winner takes it all!


Guaranteed tournaments are always the most coveted tournaments, because in this format, the provider offers guaranteed prize money, this means that that prizes may not be just the sum of all entry fees, but possibly even more. This type of tournament generally attracts many players.


In a Double or Nothing, also called 50:50, you need to perform better than 50% of the other participants. Then you double your prize money. The rest get nothing.


Flash tournaments are currently the hottest way to play daily fantasy football. After registering, you get just 3 minutes to complete your team. Moreover, the player pool is limited, and you can only have a limited selection of players from whom to choose your line-up. The time pressure means that this variant is most suitable for more advanced players, but is also a good choice for all those who want to feel a little thrill. Quick decisions and a systematic approach are needed here.

Multi Entry

In Multi Entry Tournaments, players are allowed to buy their way more than once. In very large tournaments this option is often exploited as a means to play different line-ups for the title.

Of course there are even more tournaments. Please leave a comment if you are interested in a special tournament format!

Where can you play? Bethard, FantasyBet, Fanteam

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