Seasonal Fantasy vs. Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Football Beginners’ Camp: Seasonal vs. Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports emerged from seasonal fantasy sports. As the name suggests, seasonal fantasy refers to an entire season, while daily fantasy generally refers to only one match.

Seasonal Fantasy Sports

The popular Comunio or Kicker manager games are two examples of Seasonal Fantasy games. The approach is very similar at the beginning. Players get a certain budget and use this to put a certain team together. Usually you play in a group of 2-10 friends. You can play just for the glory of being the best or pay out small sums for the winners. The winner is the player who has scored the most points at the end of the season.

There are big money games for season long Fantasy Sports like the Fantasy Premier League Cash Game – 1 Million Euro Gtd.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports work on the same principle, but prizes are awarded at the end of the match so you don’t have to wait an entire season. Also you don’t necessarily have to play against friends; you can participate in open match-day tournaments. Of course, you can still run your own match day tournaments where you compete against your friends as usual.

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Basic differences between the two formats

In almost all seasonal games, points are awarded based on grades, which are decided according to the subjective impression of a jury (sports journalist(s) etc.). Because of this, the best manager might not get the first prize.

In daily fantasy, by contrast, it is clear how many points are awarded for what and what criteria must be met in order to receive them. There are points for goals, assists, game time and defence. Goalkeepers benefit from clean sheets. Points are deducted for yellow and red cards, own goals or missed penalties. Moreover, you can dip in and out of daily fantasy anytime, while a seasonal manager is committed for an entire season and can really not miss any game day, if they want to have a shot at the overall win.

You can play daily fantasy whenever you have time, without committing to an entire season.

Another advantage of daily fantasy is the ability to respond to injury, changes in form and players having difficult games. Players can adjust their teams so that they are perfectly suited to the upcoming round, while there is relatively little seasonal managers can do, if three or four players have to play away at Bayern Munich or their best-achieving and most expensive player decides to switch to Manchester City 3 days before the new season…


  • Anyone who thinks long term and strategically, will do well at seasonal fantasy.
  • Anyone who is looking to make quick decisions, will find daily fantasy football an excellent game.

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