In this post, strategy tips for Pursuit on Fanteam. Pursuit on Fanteam is a Daily Fantasy Tournament format that offers many benefits.

In this post, Strategy Tips for Pursuit on Fanteam.

In the german podcast, Tim analyzed the format in game theory and drew important conclusions for your team setup.

If you want to know what Pursuit is on Fanteam and how it’s played, here are the rules and a few tips.

In our Whatsapp community, we will discuss the Pursuit lineups for the upcoming game day in detail.

What is the Pursuit Tournament format?

Pursuit on Fanteam is a Daily Fantasy tournament format that has been around since February 2020. It is excellent for singles and doubles matches, but is also interesting on entire match days.

It has many advantages over the standard Daily Fantasy format.

Benefits of the Pursuit Format

  • much more feasible combinations
  • fewer chances to share the prizes (especially important for satellites)
  • it’s much quicker to draft a team
  • Team creation, called the draft, is much easier because there are fewer restrictions.
  • and: It’s great fun to play!

The concept of Pursuit

The idea is to reward players who behave like a real manager and save money by selecting players whose price is lower than their potential suggests.

  • Pursuit doesn’t have a very limited budget.
  • You can buy the most expensive players if you want.
  • If you buy cheaper players, you will be rewarded with bonus points. These will be credited at the beginning of the tournament.
  • Players with more expensive players will track you down and try to catch up!

How many bonus points do I get?

In a standard configuration of a Pursuit tournament, there are 0.05 points per 100k saved. Or in other words:

1 point per 2 million points saved. In some cases, bonus points vary in special tournament formats. (e.g. 0.4 points / million)

Example of the starting points

  • Let’s say the most expensive possible team is 14.2 + 13.6 + 12.7 + 11.0 = 51.5 million.
  • Your team is 10.8 + 9.3 + 10.4 + 5.0 = 35.5 million.
  • The difference is 51.5 – 35.5 = 16.0M.
  • Advantage over the most expensive possible team: 16.0 / 0.1 * 0.05 = 8.0p
  • (As long as the conversion is 0.05 per 100k, you can take the saved millions and divide them by 2).

Captain at double price

Pursuit has another important feature, the twice as expensive captain. As is often the case, the Captain earns double points, but in the pursuit he also costs twice as much as his list price!

This has the nice effect that it is questionable whether the best captain’s choice is the most expensive player on the team. The result is that there will be many more variations in the choice of captain.

The money you save by choosing a cheap captain helps to buy more expensive players or simply get more bonus points.

Tim analyzes all this info in the podcast linked above, and draws his strategy tips for Pursuit on Fanteam

Other tips

  • Pursuit is played with Stacking Penalty and Safety Net.
  • Pursuit is usually played with four players of the team in a tournament with 1 or 2 games.
  • However, it can also be played with up to 11 players in the team, especially in tournaments for the whole match day.
  • If two or more participants end up with the same score, the total number of player points (including the captain’s bonus) is considered the tiebreak rule. Most player points are ranked highest.

That was the post strategy tips for Pursuit on Fanteam. I hope you liked it and I look forward to your feedback in the community!

Play Daily Fantasy with Pursuit

The Pursuit format is played on fan team. Initially, it was only used for smaller tournaments. But since the Daily Fantasy Community has celebrated the format so much, the majors are now available in the Pursuit format.

Just look in the lobby which tournaments use the Pursuit format. If you don’t have an account yet, check out the latest promotions and get a Starter Bonus.

Have fun!

Play Pursuit on Fanteam

Featured Image: Photo by Darren DeLoach on Unsplash